Entertainment of Horror!

It’s said about awakening that Self wants to feel its opposite i. e. non-Self. Doing so makes it appreciate itself more. Parable of father and the lost son has been used by Eckhart Tolle in the book Power of Now. The son leaves home and meets his father after a long time. The father had almost lost the son. Now father values the son even more. Qualitatively son and father are same as they were before but now bond seems to be stronger. Consciousness first assumes itself to be an object of itself and then frees itself up and finds that it has always been free.

The examples are only to satisfy minds which understand this language. Truly the self is beyond all explanations and words. Its nature is unfathomable. That which is true is true at all times therefore despite world appearance the truth of self(and its bliss) can’t be assumed to diminish even a bit. There is no loss or gain possible. The horror  of existential dream has been compared to a nightmare from which we wake-up in night.  We are same all along but after waking up from a nightmare we feel very relieved and easy for a while. It should be so because it was the purpose of the nightmare-to relieve us of the subconscious tension. This example  can’t be extrapolated completely to include existential nightmare and awakening because of aforementioned reasons.

This post was not intended to  discuss awakening but something else. I observe that so  many of us watch horror films and TV shows. Why do we get entertained by fear? I had this question once after watching Audition(1999) film. The film has very gory torture horror and that forced me to think that it wasn’t really very appealing to me. I asked about it to a friend who suggested that maybe people want to vicariously feel the fear of life-threatening situations without having to really undergo them. This might be possible. This is what dreams do. Fear somehow gives you rush of adrenaline and entertains you. I thought it must be something cultivated when we grow-up but I was wrong. I  observed kids below five years of age who play games with elder kids in which they act like ghosts or victims of ghosts. Up to an extent they enjoy it but beyond it they start screaming and crying. Elder kids obviously  start crossing their limits when they try to lock younger ones down in a dark bathroom or so. But the important question is why do younger kids who are so natural put themselves under the psychological fear of paranormal and also seem to enjoy it? Is it merely the suggestion from people around them or is their something ingrained in the gene-pool? What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Entertainment of Horror!

  1. The one with the gory torture horror, slasher film. Kinda boring. It’s all the same. I am more into haunted houses, spooks, demons etc.I liked this movie. Drag me to hell. It’s the ending of the movie.

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  2. I asked a woman who was in my workplace, “why she enjoyed these types of films”? Her response was, “she enjoyed being scared”. That is beyond my comprehension entirely. Demonstrative of a completely different mindset, to my own … Who knew?

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    1. Yes that’s the question. A lot of films made in USA in the last decade have shown Godzilla/Zombies/Viruses/Aliens/Earthquakes threatening all existence and they might have been cathartic. Thank you, Pam.

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  3. It’s a good question. I’ve often wondered the same. I read a lot of crime novels mainly because it seems easier to me to find good ones, compared to trying to find good books of other genres of fiction. But I’ve often wondered what it must be like to be an author of a series where brutal murders are described in detail in each book. What goes through the author’s mind when writing those stories? Doesn’t the theme disturb them at all, specialising in gruesome autopsies and so on?

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