Bliss of Forgetfulness!

Infants are naturally drawn to some things and sometimes it seems they’re willing to do anything for those things which grab their attention but this preoccupation is temporary(though not superficial.) Something else comes along and holds their attention and then they forget the previous thing which seemed like the thing of utmost importance for them. Most kids below five years of age  seem permanently happy. They’re helpless on many accounts and cry so often for so many things. They throw temper tantrums on parents, siblings and relatives which looks cunning to some of us  but actually they are using the only tool available to fulfil  their needs. The fear is merely for the protection of the organism  and worries are absent in them.

Many adults have fond memories of infancy and in most of the cases it was heavenly bliss. No matter whether they were born in humble circumstances or in the lap of luxury. No matter whether they were black or white, Hindu or Muslim. The heavenly bliss was because of lack of ego. The forgetfulness of natural state makes it possible for permanent happiness to be. To be exact it’s not happiness but being natural and easy. You see what is true on the face of the kid. He has not yet been taught manners and hasn’t learnt to wear masks which hide truth. When he’s angry he is totally angry and when he feels like laughing he laughs  hysterically. Gradually we teach mannerisms and instill a role in him which needs him to wear many faces and makes him cunning and a hypocrite. He must conform to surroundings. This hides the natural state. The natural state is ever-present but keeps lurking somewhere in the background. Fears and worries take hold of the entire field of consciousness. Anything and everything seems to trigger worries and anxiety.

Some of us want to get rid of our role plays in adulthood and crave for the natural state. We feel that only if we could forget everything after waking up in the morning everyday it will be infinitely easier to live. But it just doesn’t happen. So many years of conditioning makes it impossible to be natural. Meditation, spirituality and satsanga is needed to wipe out the conditioning and ego. Drugs or trances are needed to give a glimpse of the natural state. If somehow mind becomes quiet for enough long,  you find that natural state never left you and you just needed to stop chasing the imaginary goal posts. You just needed to sit silently. Paramhamsa is as natural as a child. Most of us bear grudges and don’t forget important things. We need to practice and keep reminding ourselves about important things which need to be done. We need to say i love you again and again to our friends and relatives, either verbally or mentally and we also need to say i hate you mentally to our foes.

Since we can’t forget our assets and enemies we can’t be at ease. Most of the energy is spent in calculating and chasing. There’s none left for play. Sage is easy because he’s forgetful like a newborn baby. The abundant energy keeps wiping out the slate of impressions. Therefore anything which goes out of sight also goes out of mind. The sage is perpetually happy. This is the difference between  sage and kid. Kid will grow to become an adult with ego. Sage has become a kid again. A kid who will not grow!


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