Ego Can’t Commit Suicide!

Question: What can I do to attain Moksha/Mukti(Self-realization)?

Answer: There are two ways to look at it. From a viewpoint everything is Self and there is nothing else. Ego is a bundle of memories but has no life in reality. Ego is Self  but has no substance because it doesn’t last. What is in the beginning remains in the end. Anything which has an end has no middle. Now when you think about efforts to get released from suffering or samsara you call the end result Moksha or Enlightenment. The effort to get liberated from suffering is being done by ego but ego doesn’t exist so it’s actually the Self which is doing the effort. But as Self you’re already perfect therefore there can’t be any improvement whatsoever. Therefore all effort is merely exhaustion of mental tendencies which act as a trap mechanism to make this dream of limitation or suffering possible for the Self.


The value of this dream is only in waking up from it. Self sets an alarm clock before going to sleep and when alarm clock starts buzzing it starts stirring out of the dream which has already become a nightmare by then. The awakening is forced by the Self and all efforts are being done by the Self. There is no higher or lower path. Every path leads to awakening and when ego has been destroyed the higher energies of Self take over and the dream starts fading into the nothingness.

Another viewpoint would be to look at all efforts as egoic. Self is perfect and can’t make any efforts though it’s the subtle cause which makes any and all efforts possible including those for self-realization. Now if I tell you that you’re the self it is enough to make you realize self but it’s not so in practical. Why? Because ego which is always pursuing things in the world considers self-realization also as an achievement. Something external which will make it happy. The search for enlightenment suggests that bubble of ego is about to burst and the alarm is buzzing loudly. It might take a moment, a day, a decade or two but it’s bound to happen. When ego starts pursuing self-realization it’s often a type of competition against other egos or against nature. But the effort which is truly being guided by the real guru inner self destroys the ego. The effort doesn’t bear any fruits in the long run. It’s a barren lady. It’s bound to crash. Ego will destroy itself in the process. No matter how much you understand about it intellectually you can’t commit suicide. You can kill the body. Ego can’t kill itself. It’s the self which kills the ego. So all efforts are efforts to destroy the ego. Self is already perfect and present at all times.


24 thoughts on “Ego Can’t Commit Suicide!

  1. Anonymous

    Do you have an article that explains the difference between Self and ego. My English is not so good and I feel I have to understand this difference first before going to the next step.

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    1. I don’t have any such article. Self is reality or truth whereas ego is illusory appearance. By truth I mean something which is permanent and doesn’t undergo any changes. Generally we assume that we are our personalities, body, mind, relations and accomplishments–but none of them last enough long. Truth is the Self–the power which makes all these possible yet which is subtler than them. Anything which is –is Self–even ego is Self but has to be seen and rejected as false as long as self hasn’t been realized. Thanks for your interest!


  2. To realize the self. Is a goal that is not set by everyone. To sit in meditation is helpful. Yet few may attain self-realization from meditation alone. To meditate on “holy breath” while working selflessly. Feeling that eternal vibration and the heart’s love, will help. Doing service for others. Yet still requires a lifetime of practice. One small realization before the next, gives a building block, for our attainment.

    From my personal standpoint. I do not seek self-realization. Just the contentment of having found God in my heart. This God, does not require buildings, or books. It is found within and the love is boundless. What more can one want? Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Do you seek the contentment or have you found it?

      I love your comment though I feel the idea that self-realization needs a life-time of practice is in itself a road-block on the path. In most of the cases it needs patience and effort to still the mind but self is present at all times–so self-realization isn’t something to be gained afresh. That said ripeness of ego decides how soon it will burst. Sometimes merely a hint from a master might be enough. Thanks Jamie!


      1. I have found a certain peace and contentment, true enough. Yet like any precious metal, it always requires polishing. I remember one mahatma saying. “Ego can be overtaken by spiritual ego”. Where a devotee may become spiritually complacent and smug with self satisfaction. Of a slightly different sort. So, my experience whispers. “It’s never over”. Always striving for the next level.

        Sri Yukteswar says that enlightenment, leads to a body’s life made of light? Maybe that’s why it’s called enlightenment? Be happy and loving, enjoy the love found in the heart and we are closer to God. What does the rest matter? Cheers Jamie.

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  3. Anything that has an end has no middle. My head is trying to grasp this concept. The ego and self realization thing makes a great deal of sense. The concept of no coincidences makes sense to me. But the end without a middle?! I’ll be working on this thought

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    1. Hello Mark!
      I should have made it clear. The truth has no modifications and remains same at all times. Considering that manifestation is temporary it has no substance or reality. The universe has a beginning and end therefore it’s like a dream–not a reality. Anything that has a beginning and an end just appears to have a middle. That middle is superficial because it is not lasting. That which is real remains at all times without any change whatsoever.

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  4. Self realization isn’t something you can wake up to, one plain morning! It is a struggle that leads to it, the struggle against the conflicts within oneself. One needs to gain control of his own wishes and desires if he wishes to to be peaceful and attain self realization.
    Light and Peace,

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  5. “Zafar aadmi usko na janiyega ho woh kaisa hi sahib-e-fehm-o-zaka,
    Jise aish mein yad e khuda na rahee,jise taish mein khauff e khuda na raha.””

    “Zafar call him not a person,no matter how pure and pious he seems,
    one who forgets God in times of luxury and the one who fears not God in times of anger.”

    Last Mughal Emperor

    -Bahadur Shah Zafar

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