Doing Nothing!

You are now and forever
free, luminous, transparent, still.
The practice of meditation
keeps one in bondage.

Ashtavakra Gita 1.15

Non doing is surrender to life. It’s the most difficult thing to do because it’s one of the fundamental paradoxes. Doing is easy. We are accustomed to doing. Inactivity seems like death and activity seems like life. The highest wisdom is simplest that is why it can’t be grasped by an ego which is looking for something fascinating and extraordinary. You’re in a shell of ego and ego doesn’t want to commit suicide, therefore its many life-times of doing will not come to an end very easily.

When Upasani Maharaj went to Shirdi Sai Baba, he was instructed to stay in a dilapidated Khandoba temple and do nothing for four years. This was the final Sadhana he had to do. Inactivity is so looked down upon in the world that it looks very ordinary and even condemnable. Everyone is running against the clock after something or the other so if you’re not you must be deluded. Doing nothing looks like a fool’s paradise but it’s very difficult thing to do. Ego runs after achievements but never gets fulfilled. Non doing shatters the ego but it’s impossible to become really idle before you’ve earnestly tried everything. It’s important to understand that non-doing discussed here is refraining from all efforts of spiritual advancement. Refraining from searching the miraculous or extraordinary and accepting life as it comes. You will obviously do what needs be done in day-to-day affairs. Searching for extraordinary occult powers, visions of angels or gods and trances is doing. When material achievements are not sought after, so called spiritual achievements start deluding seekers. This needs to be given up. That which is true is always there and never moves out of sight. Everything mysterious and extraordinary which comes must go away someday so it has to be rejected as false.


18 thoughts on “Doing Nothing!

    1. You can’t consciously empty mind no matter how hard you try because the very effort of emptying it is mind. A point reaches in your journey when you realize this perfectly well and all attempt stops then non-doing takes over. Emptying of mind goes on unconsciously but in order to support it you need to refrain from ‘doing.’ Doing becomes undoing after a time. I am good and wish you very best Adrienne!

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  1. We are all doers by nature. To do nothing is a bit of a paradox. In that one learns to trust with what is found in your heart. That the entity found there, will provide. Learning to trust is also doing something. So where does it all stop? To do nothing, is emptiness in itself. It should likely be made into a “day”? The do-nothing day? Cheers Jamie

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        1. Glad to hear. Needs: minimal food, clothing and shelter. Desires: things you don’t really need for mere survival of the body–like a desire to be the prime minister of the country and so on.

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            1. Yes it’s. There might be hundreds of permutations and combinations based on the life situation of people. For example–it’s a necessity for some people to eat meat while it’s a luxury for others.

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