Karma Chameleon

Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I have written on reincarnation many times before. I feel Karma need not have reincarnation to be valid. Karma works well as a stand alone principle too. Last year a theory occurred to me which was associated to another theory which occurred to me some 8 years ago. This theory suggests that reincarnation doesn’t happen as is shown in most stories. This is just a theory like other theories which you already know. I don’t believe anything firmly.


Facts should be paid attention to: no two personalities in the world are same. The fact that your thumb prints will not match with anyone else’s is true not only for living persons but also for all the persons who have lived in the past. This clearly tells us that nature doesn’t repeat. All personalities are unique. Now the big question is: who reincarnates?

Since no two personalities are same–even if your habits, feelings and visions are similar to a person who lived 100 years ago–you are not that person. You can’t be that person. Nature doesn’t allow it. So what exactly reincarnates? Memories?

The life which is present in you-consciousness is the same life which was present in a person living 100 years ago–so it’s obvious to understand that life doesn’t reincarnate. Then what does? Is it only memories from past? Maybe that is what reincarnates. Maybe there is a gigantic pool of memories and some of them get materialized at a point of time and sometimes it happens that these memories are vivid and create illusion of personality’s reincarnation.

The arguments given in favor of reincarnation include: people have certain great skills right from birth because they had invested time into certain things in previous births. This seems justified because the world is being run by cause-and-effect. You have to work hard at something to earn merits so it’s not possible that someone has some gifts just by chance.

But this explanation creates more problems than it solves. Why am I suffering? Why am I so vulnerable and sensitive? It’s because of the previous birth? When did my first birth happen? Why? Nobody has an answer for these.

The theory of destination which occurred to me last year is simpler. Life and universe on the whole use collective pool of memories known as Karma. Various individuals have destinies which are very intricately interwoven in a complex way with each other and the universe is evolving. Some people are destined to be geniuses. Some others are destined to be enlightened spiritually. Some others are destined to die early. Some others are destined to be millionaires or rock stars and so on. Destiny is a super-force which supersedes all but God. Some constellations focus at a certain point and certain memories get attracted to that place and those glued memories create a body at that point and a universe is born.


37 thoughts on “Karma Chameleon

  1. Fascinating! Your post and the comments are so full of deep thoughts and I love seeing different perspectives on life. I do agree that, above all, the life that should have our focus is the present one because it is fleeting, the past is done, and no one can foresee if tomorrow will actually come.

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    1. I feel memories are mind-stuffs no matter whether they seem yours or others–from this life-time or previous ones. There is only one thing which needs to be done and it’s to be aware of yourself–of present moment.

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  2. Most people seem to assume that any type of reincarnation would happen on this planet? The universe is huge and diverse. It teems with life. Even in the vacuum of outer space. Who is to say where this life will be reborn? It is not my call. For myself, it is in the realm of karma for that. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Thanks for your ideas Jamie. That has occurred to me in past and I have discussed it. But case studies(including some in my own family) show that immediate families serve as good karmic playgrounds for reincarnation.

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      1. Maybe? I do not know, nor really wish to. It is speculation the role that DNA plays. Or the knowledge passed down with it. For it maybe, the only way to rebirths? I tend to lean towards the explanation given by Sri Yukteswar. Cheers Jamie.

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  3. I appreciate seeing an alternate view of reincarnation and while I think your statement that no two personalities repeat is valid, I disagree that nature doesn’t repeat. The cycle of the seasons repeats and the stages of human (and animal) development repeat. Of course it depends on how exact a repetition you are looking for, fingerprints are a pretty fine detail. The funny thing though is I just got done writing an article about how I couldn’t update and submit an article I had written fifteen years ago, because I am not that person anymore. The last fifteen years have changed me so much that I can’t go back and write from that perspective anymore. Yet I have the same fingerprints? That is what reincarnation is like, for me. Remembering a past life is like remembering yourself ten, fifteen or twenty years ago. You only really remember pieces, the bits that seemed important at the time, not every single detail. You kept those memories, like notes you might save for a test. But every moment that you are alive you are reinventing yourself. Everything you do and think changes who you are in some way. When a butterfly remembers being a caterpillar, whether it is part of the same life or a whole new one, all depends on what you are comparing it to. Are you the same person as you were ten years ago?

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    1. Truly speaking as you can’t take a dip in the same river twice–similarly you die and reincarnate every single moment too–but ego keeps a story by using memory and gives the illusion of continuity–in that sense I am not the person I was ten years ago–not the person I was ten minutes ago either–but as I said about fingerprints or basic genetic structure–it has a unique imprint. We are all unique by products of nature so reincarnation is impossible. Why should I attach myself to certain memories from some other life-times which were as much of stories as this one when I don’t attach any importance to this one either. That is why collective Karma as a concept appeals more to me. Your thoughtful opinion is most welcome. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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  4. Hi – I just wrote a post on reincarnation too, in response to the Karma Chameleon prompt. It’s a complex idea to ‘get your head around’, isn’t it? But interesting. As you say, a reincarnated entity couldn’t be the same person, or even the same personality, exactly – I think it’s the same soul – or rather, since all souls must surely be interlinked and intercommunicating in some way (similar to your idea of a pool of memories) – the same ‘component’ or ‘seed’ of the collective soul.

    I tend towards the idea that what we perceive as ‘real’ life – bodies standing on the earth, being born, dying and possessing individual personalities – is a convenient illusion, to make it possible for us to bear and interpret our ‘time’ on earth. This means that a lot of practical quibbles – fingerprints not matching and so forth – become irrelevant.

    It seems to me that ‘reality’ is something timeless, incomprehensible to us while we are in earthly form, and that ‘we’ – our eternal souls – are really doing is bringing into existence our own illusion of reality from one moment to the next.

    I think what we are doing is running the spiritual equivalent of a computer simulation – and that although this seems to be happening sequentially, it is probably happening in an instant – all ‘lives’ – or multiple ‘lives’ in an instant.

    Mind boggling! Oh for a less boggle-able mind. 🙂

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    1. Mind must be boggled because reality is beyond it. Mind is a tiny part of reality and only(unfortunately) tool which can’t make a clear sense of reality/life. Thanks for sharing your views and have a great weekend!

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