Internet’s Own Boy: Aaron Swartz!

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There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is whether or not to commit suicide.

Albert Camus

Aaron committed suicide at a young age of 26. This documentary on life of Aaron Swartz teared me up. I felt immensely for him but more than that I felt for the world we live in. What a loss! Galileo, Socrates, Jesus and many others have been persecuted because they were not only exceptionally bright but also loved truth and wanted to make world a better place to live. Aron Law Act was made by the government once he was dead and internet showed an unforeseen support for him and literally wept. But why after his death? British government apologized to Turing after a long time and now Galileo is a hero. Socrates and Jesus are revered more than most. Why all veneration and respect only after their departures? Why world is such a place that it can’t take and honour geniuses like Aaron when they are living. These are merely rhetorical questions. The world is so by design. Aaron accomplished in his 26 years of life more than most of us can’t do even in 100 years. His biggest achievement was successfully running the protest against SOPA. I do remember when it happened in 2011 but I didn’t know at that time that the protest was being lead by a 24 year old genius.

The documentary is a wonderful story of a man who loved freedom and truth. Apart from his family members Cory Doctorow and  Lawrence Lessig were pained most by  his death. He was inspired by the inventor of the World Wide Web and he also met him. Lee distributed his invention for the betterment of mankind instead of monetizing it and created an inspiration for millions of people. Aaron also wanted to be like Lee. Lee also considered Aaron’s departure a great loss. Rest in peace Aaron.



14 thoughts on “Internet’s Own Boy: Aaron Swartz!

  1. It is very sad to me to hear that wonderful and amazing people do not get the support they deserve until it is “too late”. Much like how some artists, singers, and actors get recognition for their unique skills after their tragic deaths:( Humanity as a whole should take more strides to show appreciation for each other, especially those that are working hard towards making life better for all.

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  2. Nice highlight on this person. Yet, please do not assume that what is called the internet. The world wide web. Was perpetrated through altruism. The American military actually commissioned it’s construct. Supposedly, to allow communication if nuclear war came about. For the survivors, to be able to talk with others deep in their bunkers underground? That’s the official reason.

    Soon after the fall of Berlin Wall. The military in U.S. started releasing it to first education centres. Universities, Libraries and then Schools. Prior to that I used to connect through a public port. Direct to whomever. Using early versions of cyberduck. For FTP transfer. Which made connection easier. For browsing data bases and the file transfer. Now it is all done through browsers.

    The three parts are Email, FTP and News? As well as WWW. Email and News used to be lumped together in early email programs. Whoops, sorry, apps. My memory is rusty but I think that’s right? While the American military officially released it under the guise of “We don’t need this anymore”? Most interest groups, for example still use News, for their interests. I

    would ascertain that it was to trap humanity in the web. For all the servers go through the U.S. at some point. I’ve never known the American Military to be altruistic? As the info whizzes around the world. With the right filters. Indeed,that information becomes power. Like Reuters, those who know first. Can use that knowledge first for gain. Cheers Jamie.

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  3. Hi Vibrant, I like the quote – “Information is Power”… But it’s saddening to read about suicides and deaths. Well, life happens! Nice to read your post again ‘cos it’s been a while. Have a nice weekend. Cheers! 🙂

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