Helmets on Lease!

This was a small town just ten years ago. In last ten years or so it has become extremely populated. Roads which were made to bear a few people-narrow roads, are carrying a load of people which is too much now. There were barely any checkpoints for bikers a few years ago but now traffic police is creating some random checkpoints every now and then. Still not many people are wearing helmets or carrying all the necessary documents with them. Someone told me that district magistrate issued an order which makes it mandatory to wear helmets when buying petrol. Nobody on a bike without a helmet should be given petrol.


Some people made a business out of it. All businesses are based on demand and supply. Now cheap helmets are being sold aplenty but what is comical in the vicinity of petrol pumps is helmets on lease. You borrow a helmet for 5 minutes and pay 10 rupees for it. It makes the rent 2 rupees per minute. After getting the petrol you return the helmet and life goes on. Some heavy fines are being charged mostly to students who were habitual of carrying 3 people on a bike. This is becoming a developing city now!


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