Mapping Between Palmistry and Vedic Astrology

Studying subjects which are closely related by correlating with each other is better than studying them in isolation. In my humble experience I feel Palmistry and Vedic Astrology must go hand in hand. If there is a moot point it means analysis is incomplete and you’re missing something crucial. I haven’t developed a system neither I am a pioneer but I do propose an experiment of sorts for all Vedic Astrology enthusiasts if they haven’t tried it already. In many cases, people who consult you might be physically present before you. There is an opportunity to examine their palms and other features with ease and it might lead you towards better deductions.

For example–if you get to know about Shadbala and judge relative strength of various planets in a horoscope-you will get to know which planets are strongest. This can be cross-verified in the hands of natives doing query immediately. It has been my experience that physiognomy must act in accordance with Vedic Astrology and vice versa. The mounts of various strong planets can be examined easily in a palm. Various lines on them along with signs like rectangles, stars, cross or conches should be taken into the account and then it should be examined if strongest planets are the ones which are getting good points in shadbala calculations too. If it’s not so then one should look at other things like nakshtra lord of the planets in question and keep verifying.

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4 thoughts on “Mapping Between Palmistry and Vedic Astrology

  1. Good to find something concrete. I remember learning palmistry from railway platform-shopped books, to get close to girls. And say vague things like, ‘You can achieve more than what you are trying to’, ‘You will fall in love soon’, ‘You are a person whom everybody wants to befriend’, ‘Your father believes a lot in you but one day you may betray his belief but he would later agree’ etc.

    I didn’t connect to your vedic astrology part quite in this post.

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    1. Your comment is amusing and Palmistry might be used the way you suggest too. Vedic Astrology part is about assessing strength of planets based on calculations–then you may compare it with Palmistry readings and these two should map well ideally!


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