Live To Eat or Eat To Live?

Live to Eat

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

I neither eat to live nor live to eat. I eat so that I can meditate. I prefer eating things which are helpful for meditation. I was born in a vegetarian family but I also chose to be a vegetarian. Sages have recommended harmonious diet and I try to follow their advice on it. Gross part of food creates your body whereas subtle portions make your mind. Food which is light and moderate in quantity is conducive to meditation. An adept in meditation might eat anything but someone willing to advance must be cautious about diet else chances of advancement will remain tenuous no matter how hard you work!

Food which is spicy and has too much oil in it leads to diseases. Food which has not been cooked more than three hours before consumption promotes good health. Stale food increases sloth and inertia whereas spicy food increases passion in you. It makes your immune system weak. Taking multiple meals with moderate quantities preferable to taking just one or two heavy meals. Drinking a lot of water is good for health. Instead of taking food at regular intervals it’s wiser to listen to your body earnestly and eat when you feel hungry.


I feel whatever I get to eat(despite my preferences for certain things mentioned in the paragraph above!) is the best meal. I do like a few things more than others but acceptance is part of Sadhana and it means being content with any meal you could get. I accept whatever is given by life humbly and feel grateful for it. Therefore, I don’t think I need to travel to get my best meal.


37 thoughts on “Live To Eat or Eat To Live?

    1. There was a brief scandal and a sad episode over there–key issues being jealousy, greed and hunger for power–I did not drop myself but rather unrighteously thrown out of the forum. There was no public vote and some phony arguments were given–I am sorry I have to say all this because it is bitter but there might be a post about it if you search here–and comments–over there they either suppressed all discussion or deleted the threads. I have been busy in offline activities mostly and maybe because I don’t write as often you don’t get to see many. Hope you are doing good and power situation is better in Nepal–both in terms of electrical and political powers.

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      1. Sorry to know that you went through the ordeal. Yes, it’s getting a little better here but it’s not sure how long it will take to normalize. We also lost the ex-PM two days back. A little bit of sorrow. But life’s becoming easier.

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  1. timelesswheel

    It feels like this post is in response to one of the sentences I wrote that I would travel for food 😀 I recently did and I’m glad! 😀 As a vegetarian in a country where it’s not commonly found, I get excited when I find vegetarian food of different cultures and I love to explore that 😀 I did research for a post on Jain culture, and I wonder if you’re following that path? Are you also practicing celibacy?

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    1. Jainas live in India and I had many friends following Jainism. I was born in Hindu family. I am not following celibacy strictly. I feel celibacy happens if you keep meditating. Forced celibacy doesn’t work at all!

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  2. As a vegetarian, it is very difficult to eat or live in an omnivorian world. Eating other warm-blooded creatures, that suckle their young. Seems to be almost like eating ourselves? It amazes me the extent to which, the consumption of flesh of dead animals is promoted. Then held up as being righteous living. If it is demonic? Then it also shows how the world is held in their grip?

    I was looking for TED talk seen recently about the benefits of fasting. Unfortunately could not be found, without a lot of research. However, I did find this one.

    Which emphasizes the singularity, of the plight of our world, right now. Over consumption.

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      1. Anand,
        You are obviously not living in North America. Do, I worry? Not really. It’s not my karma. Yet, it is still difficult to be constantly assaulted with the nauseous smells and sights. Without becoming indignant. If one wished to see the powers of evil? Look no further.

        Things are what they are.
        Cheers Jamie.

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  3. Hi Anand!
    Thank you for this, it feels like the perfect description of moderation and mindful eating! I’m challenged to manage my hedonist eating tendencies, and keeping my core values of health and integrity (I want to live the advice that I give to patients) helps a lot. I will keep these tips in mind, because I think they will help, also! Hope you are well! 😊

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    1. Hello Catherine,

      Thanks for your kind words! I am glad you found it useful. I am doing good and hope you’re doing well too. Have a lovely week ahead!

      Love and light ❤


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