This film has the shortest title ever! It portrays a case in a country(Greece, but never openly admitted to be so in the film) where a political activist is put to death by powers with help of military and police. The justice procedural is brilliant and fun to watch. The film starts off with very rapidly moving scenes and it’s slightly difficult for audience  to relate in the beginning but soon enough plot becomes clear and the film turns out to be an intriguing thriller with a wonderful investigation which partially leads to justice. The soundtrack is lovely and performances by actors are very convincing. It received great critical acclaim and I feel it’s justified.

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  1. Good to hear from you…I was thinking this morning it had been a while since you posted…I know I have been doing my new year reviewing, so thought maybe you were doing the same thing…anyway, it is good to “see” you again…

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I was busy attending cousin’s marriage and since I don’t use a cellphone I had no access to internet. Thanks for thinking of me. Have a great day!


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