Why Meditate Everyday?

I feel it’s kind of obvious to most of us, then why this discussion? This is to reinforce what you already know. Positive reinforcement is a must. Classical yogic texts call it Satsang(holy company.) You meet up with like-minded positive people and you discuss things which matter.You are not worried about repeating things which are vital because as you keep discussing them you are making the programming inside subconscious stronger for the positivity!


We have all observed that clothes, floors and utensils gain dirt and slug if not cleansed regularly. Cleaning needs an effort. Gaining dirt is obvious and natural. It’s the way nature works. Clean a mirror fully and keep it in the sanctum sanctorum of your house–after a few days there will be dirt on it. You don’t have to do any effort to make things dirty–gaining impurity is the very nature of things. It takes an effort to cleanse things and purify them. Evolutionary energy is always trying to lift us upward in terms of consciousness but owing to the chaos and mayhem in our daily lives we scarcely find time to hearken. We don’t co-operate with it and hence all the trouble. As material objects gain impurities naturally so does our mind. If you don’t do anything  positive or negative you will find that negativity will increase on its own. The environment contains many sources of negative vibrations which trigger reactions in you. Once negative chain reactions have been triggered they keep on accumulating into something gigantic unless opposite positive forces are activated.

As happens with material objects–unless you clean them regularly you will find that cleaning them needs the excessive effort. Is it the amount of effort needed which would have been required had you kept cleaning everyday? No. Suppose you need 1 unit of energy to clean your mirror everyday. Now you don’t clean it for 10 days. On the 11th day you decide to clean it again. Now do you think it will get cleansed if you use 1 unit of energy? No, answer is simple. Now what about 10 or 11 units of energy as 11th day has approached? It might be slightly puzzling but answer is no. The 11 days of accumulation will need much more energy to clean it now. There have occurred many bonds and cohesion among impurity particles and they are stronger than those which you used to encounter on a day-to-day basis. Thus you can’t clean the mirror easily on 11th day.

The amount of energy needed is one thing and the effort it causes you is another. When you were cleaning it everyday it needed very little fraction of your time. You were able to manage it easily. But now you will need a great amount of time and you have to allocate it separately. It will also cause exhaustion and you won’t be able to give time to other activities in your routine. Meditation follows same logic. If you meditate everyday the dirt on mind gets cleansed everyday. Even if it’s a vast storehouse of negative impressions it gets cleansed gradually and eventually you have a flame burning  brightly with love. But if you don’t meditate regularly the dirt gets accumulated and eventually when you are forced by circumstances or disorders to take care of negativity by meditation you find  it overwhelming. It’s just too much to take care of. Hence meditate regularly and it will be a cakewalk.


84 thoughts on “Why Meditate Everyday?

  1. H, Vibrant. I’m just checking in with you as a BW friend who is hoping to keep up with you. It seems to be quite a while since I’ve seen anything posted from you. Just want you to know your missed. Update us when you can do so.

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  2. A beautiful post on the necessity and value of regular meditation. Its only the start which is difficult but once we do it for a couple of weeks there is no stopping. As the peace and calm makes beckons us with silent signals.
    Thank you and regards.

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  3. Excellent post . . .and so true. I don’t meditate but I do take time to ‘just be’ in my regular pilates sessions, and both that time and the actual pilates exercises are so so much easier if I am disciplined.

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  4. I think Patanjali summed it up with his/their famous definition of yoga as “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”, which means “yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind”. Chitta is mind, vrittis are thought impulses, nirodah is removal.
    This can be thought of as identical to the purpose often given for meditation which is moksha meaning emancipation, liberation or release. In the soteriological and eschatological sense, it connotes freedom from saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth ie you won’t be here if you achieve it.

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    1. So you are back. Good to see you. What Patanjali expression as fluctuations have been expressed by others as impurities in psyche. Same things and different metaphors. If you accept Patanjali’s definition there must not be any problem in accepting that there is something which you are trying to remove or control(fluctuations)

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      1. I think the classic response (from China Buddhism) regarding your metaphor about cleaning the mirror is that since fundamentally there is no mirror, then how could any impurities alight upon it? Have fun with that.

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        1. I don’t mind having fun with that–but my point remains the same–I see people who are agitated, angry, annoyed and arguing with each other–so there is a lot of dirt.


  5. I understand this concept. I suppose I meditate everyday, however, I don’t use it in this way. I use meditation to reflect on both the positive and negative so that I can learn from them. Maybe if I took time to meditate on just the positive, I would stay more positive. I might also have better control over ridding the negativity as well.
    Thank you for sharing Anand. Quite the fruitful post.

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    1. Is it difficult to sit for a movie? For a chat? Why should it be so difficult to meditate. You must have made meditation sound a very boring and difficult thing. Find something which appeals you. Even writing freely can be meditative. 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing your views, though I believe it is mostly semantics which causes problems. You write your feelings and relieves you. Doesn’t it? It’s meditation. Meditation is a name for something which makes you calm and serene.

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  7. Anonymous

    This is a wonderful post Anand, and I love the allegory with the mirror… I had never thought of it that way. Your writing is, as ever, delightful . One day I will get back to writing but at the moment my head is full of other things 😀

    Best wishes

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    1. No need to withdraw anything. Your comments are most welcome. I feel meditation is not strictly scientific activity at least now. Psychology and spirituality use similar terminologies. There are many things which are not known so we must have an open mind.

      As for ‘cleansing’ part: I mean there are undesirable emotions and thoughts excess of which drains us out of energy. Anger, jealousy and unresolved conflicts are undesirable for all of us as they create stress and harm us. Meditation aims at bringing light to dark corners where seeds to all negative and positive feelings reside.

      I have a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering and I have been a skeptic too.


      1. Many thanks for your leniency with me. btw I am not a skeptic, but I believe strongly that I am where I am supposed to be and that nothing needs fixing. The universe, with all it’s troubles, is already perfect, and I just play my part according to the grand scheme of things. I am a simple man in that grand design.

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  8. premsank

    An amazing post! I like the explanation about cleaning things which is simple and logical. I agree that without positive actions from our side, negativity takes hold and reinforced everyday, it becomes a habit and difficult to remove later. But somehow I am not able to meditate because my mind is never still and wanders fast. Also please explain how meditation cleans the mind as I thought it was meant to reduce stress and induce calmness. Is there a technique?

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    1. Cleans the mind yes–by reducing negativity. It literally throws toxins out of the body too! How else would stress get reduced? Stress is caused when there are negative emotions. There are many meditation techniques and you can use any of them. The rhythmic breathing technique taught by Art of Living is also good. Thanks for your kind words!

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  9. I don’t know much about meditation yet. I do know that it is very nice to come home to my lovely clean home and to change out of my work clothes into a comfy pair of pjs. Then I sit on my couch with a cuppa and relax and just take some time out for myself. This is possibly a form of meditation.
    I liked your article by the way. I wouldn’t think that meditation is like cleaning, however I am no expert on the matter of meditation so I cannot say for certain whether it is akin to house work or not.

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    1. When you relax what happens?
      Toxins which were built up in the body-mind are being flushed out and fresh energy is being restored. Similarly meditation cleanses. Thanks for your feedback. Have a nice week ahead!


    1. Do you know who you are? If you really know then the need to belabor doesn’t arise. Cleansing is an analogy. We all have unobserved emotions which lurk in subconscious and create misery for us. You are not those emotions. When we cleanse viruses out of body we are not cleaning a part of ourselves–but a dysfunction/darkness and similarly in case of meditation.

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        1. Hypertension is a disease which can kill. Meditation is proven to reduce it and it certainly reduces negativity in my own experience. So this much is confirmed. My question was philosophical in nature and regarding your question where you asked if you were an item of laundry. In order to know what or who you are you need to investigate and meditate.


          1. 1. There is nothing to cleanse.
            2. Meditation is an exercise, like doing push-ups, and is just following someone else’s path, not mine. Before meditation was invented, are you saying that everyone was doing things incorrectly for tens of thousands of years? I think you are simply wedded to one path out of many. Fashions come and go over the millenia.

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            1. Maybe you live a perfect life, free from negativity, in which case you don’t need to cleanse anything. I feel meditation helps me and many others live more positively. So your point #1 is as much a subjective truth as my article and all my assertions here.

              If Meditation is an exercise–you are contradicting yourself. You said “Life is a constant meditation whereas it seems you want me to meditate about something.” You assumed something while making that comment and then contradicted yourself so soon.

              Before wheel was invented were people doing things wrong way? You can easily answer your own questions if you want to. If an invention or field of knowledge is beneficial for humanity it is only wise to adopt it. What do you mean by your ‘own path?’ When you use science and technology are you following your own path or simply using what has been invented by your forefathers?

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              1. timelesswheel

                Just to add to that… I think meditation isn’t something new and hip, it’s been in existence for a very long time. Maybe not in western countries and culture. But what I’ve read and researched, a very very long time ago. Meditation doesn’t just mean sitting and chanting ‘Om’ (although that’s a good way), I wouldn’t define it as ‘cleansing’ either although filtering thoughts and observing them is a huge part of it… but I think the main purpose of meditation or meditative outlook is to be conscious of all life and that we are life and then meditation won’t be a thing to do, it will just be – being.

                P.S. I’m not sure if Dream4fun saw this last comment because it doesn’t seem connected with his reply…

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            2. timelesswheel

              The way I see it…
              I don’t think meditation was ‘invented’ because it isn’t an exercise – I’m not talking about the physical yoga. It’s a way of being. It’s knowing who you are and being in connection with all life. I would most definitely say that it is not fashion. It has existed for as long as you can research and possibly even more. No equipment and no brain is required for meditation. It is in fact, the art of ‘no-mind’. We are more in need to practice ‘no-mind’ness now than ever with all the technology and unlimited/non-stop thought processes, most of them being wasteful thoughts…

              I wouldn’t define it as ‘cleansing’ either although filtering thoughts and observing them is a huge part of it… but I think the main purpose of meditation or meditative outlook is to be conscious of all life and that we are life and then meditation won’t be a thing to do, it will just be – being.

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