Sleep And Meditation!

Sleep is essential for good health and well-being of our organisms. I have read that some meditation masters don’t need much sleep. They transcend sleep. I have also read that some experts believe that your meditation is not effective enough unless it can give you nourishment like sleep does. Well, I have not been able to find as much relaxation in meditation as in sleep so far. I feel no matter how many hours of meditation I practice I still need sleep. But sometimes I observe certain things which suggest that meditation has its own role.


Sleep provides a certain type of healing and nurturing which might not be available in meditation and vice versa. I feel our health, environment and certain other factors play a crucial role in determining the quality of sleep. If we see a lot of dreams and don’t get enough dreamless sleep we’ll wake up tired. Sometimes it might happen that you wake up more tense and tired compared to when you went to bed. It is especially true in case of some intense energy activity in your body. The energy needs you to have a certain posture to allow smooth flow and in sleep you might not be able to accommodate for it, therefore when you’re awake–surrendering to the energy might heal you- as energy trapped in various layers gets released. There are many layers where energy is lying in form of darkness. Unseen or suppressed emotions and muscular fatigue and tension exist in separate layers. Together they make you feel heavy and uneasy. When witnessing of these layers is done and smooth energy flow happens the energy gets released and you feel relaxed. There is light and bliss which keeps growing.

This is the reason why sometimes you need to adhere to sleeping schedules. Oversleeping might not be because of tiredness but because dark energy makes you feel heavy and unresolved conflicts are taking form of dreams. If meditation allows you to give certain smooth flow to the prime energy channel and frees up the trapped energy you will do well with balanced sleep but oversleeping will tend to make your muscles heavier and mind darker. In some cases you will observe that meditation is more effective than sleep and in some other cases sleep works better but both of them are needed in tandem in order to gain a healthy balance for most of us.


24 thoughts on “Sleep And Meditation!

  1. Sleep is so important! Your body needs it, even if it’s in minute and immeasurable amounts. Meditation is also important as one needs time to consciously support and realign themselves. The two can go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing Anand πŸ™‚

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  2. I agree that sleep is super important. I have trouble sleeping a lot and wake up multiple times a night. I have been conditioned this way because I was in college and woke up any time I perceived danger (even though there was none, really) and because I had to wake up when I was a home nurse for a client I had. I was up every hour to make sure she was okay. It’s a pattern I’ve been trying to get out of for about two years, but so far, I haven’t made it fully. I’m getting better. The maximum amount of times I wake up a night are three times.

    I’ve tried meditation, but it doesn’t work for me. Besides, I am too stressed about the things I have to do to even think about meditating. I just do those things, and it calms me.

    I have also nominated you for the Blogger Award: I enjoy reading your material very much, and I very much miss your posts.

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    1. Congratulations on award! Thanks for considering me, though I recently made this blog an award free blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with sleep and meditation and have a great time ahead!


      1. Thank you. I had no idea you weren’t doing awards anymore. Oops. Sorry about that. But yes, we should focus on content. I took a break today and did just that. I have two others to do, but I took a break and put content in instead. I think my readers think I like to brag or something. Oops.

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  3. There you are (and actually have been following). I now realize I’d been searching ‘blabberworking’ and neglecting the Reader a bit. A wise friend told me one that If meditation doesn’t refresh me somehow, I’m not actually meditating. Turning my mind off, or shifting it into neutral is challenging. Like everything else, we must not give up on something until we’ve tried everything to succeed. So, I keep trying. I believe it’s time well spent, and then I sleep πŸ˜‰

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    1. Karen, Sure, I remember that. There are still plenty of devotees and practitioners. There are many different types of meditation. Even Christian prayer, is a form of dwelling upon, or meditation. I use a type of the Radha Saomi sect.

      If I was asked? I might recommend a type? Each person should find what is comfortable for them. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. Cheers Jamie.

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  4. Sometimes I ask myself if the ancient people had much bigger heads and brains then we do now… Ancients surprise me a lot…
    I need sleep but I hardly sleep more then 7 hours now. Meditation >.< I have to start it sometime soon if I want to be better… Thanks for this article, reminds me of the important things I need to do.


  5. The ideas of dark energy and layers are intriguing. If only all ills could be cured with the basics of good nutrition, good sleep and meditation – although there is no doubt that practising all three from an early age would prevent many ills and even when they provide no cure they can give strong therapeutic benefits. I must work harder at achieving a healthy balance πŸ™‚

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  6. I like to sleep a lot. But my Conscious mind warns me. It reminds about my duties, my work and all. And above to that I don’t want to waste time by oversleeping…but I like to sleep especially in the early morning after waking up.πŸ˜‰

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