Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid!

Rahul Dravid is one of the best test cricketers ever. He is an icon and a role model for young people because of his conduct as a cricketer. He is celebrating his birthday today. Let’s have an overview of his birth chart and see what makes his horoscope unique!

Lagna and Stellium

Rahul Dravid-chart

You can see Pisces rising in lagna with Moon. He is a peace loving person. Leo rises in the ninth division. Mars, Venus and Jupiter are in their own navamsa suggesting very good karma. Mars is very strong vargottama being in the scorpio sign in both Rasi and Navamsa. He played a record number of test before taking a break due to an injury. He was an exceptionally fit athlete.

Stellium in the Rasi is a distinct feature of this nativity. There are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Sun along with Rahu in the tenth house. This is a classical Pravrajya Yoga and very strong one because Jupiter being the tenth lord is situated in it. Jupiter is also the lagna lord and in its own house in the navamsa. These things make his horoscope a rare one and this yoga is also strong and might fructify in a later age. He is a karma yogi and a very kind person as such and his conduct has been a great example for budding cricketers and young people who have looked up to him.  Saturn is strong in the third house and all planets are located in good houses without much conflict. He was born in favorable circumstances and had an indomitable spirit full of courage. He is tenacious and hard working.

Atmakaraka and Swamsa

Rahul Dravid-chart (1)

Atmakaraka Sun is located in the navamsa of Jupiter with Jupiter. In my studies I have consistently come across people with Atmakaraka in Jupiter’s Navamsa being role models and Dharma bearers. Pisces suggests inclination more towards the truth and being relaxed towards ritual Dharma whereas Sagittarius suggests more inclination towards merits and good deeds.

Key Yogas

Rajalakshna Yoga

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon are in lagna or in another kendra. Such a person has an attractive appearance and good qualities of respectable personalities.

Parakrama Yoga

Third lord is in a benefic navamsa aspected or conjunct by benefics and Mars is strong. Great courage is bestowed upon such a native.

Buddhamaturya Yoga

The fifth lord is a benefic, is aspected by a benefic or conjunct it. The person has a great intelligence and character.

Chatuschakra Yoga

No planets occupy movable signs. This indicates that person will be versatile, long lived and illustrious.

This is just a brief reading of key aspects. I have found this horoscope to be one of the best horoscopes I have ever come across so far.




9 thoughts on “Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid!

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  2. Wow.. The vedic chart seems so complex. I am guessing the Lagna Chart is the natal chart. Can you explain what the rest are? And isn’t the stellium in the 9th house? Correct me if I am wrong. 😀

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    1. 9th is sign=Sagittarius. The 12 with Moon is the first house or lagna. Yes Rashi/Radix is natal. There are 30 divisions of Radix. The 9th being the Dharma house the 9th division or Navamsa is considered of utmost importance to see subtle implications of planets or say Sookshma Karma. 🙂

      Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degrees in any sign. This planet in the 9th division is located and that house is considered Swamsa and then horoscope is judged using that.

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