Calling alpha using omega


How beautiful that Alpha and Omega have gone to sleep now.

That echoes of mayhem rest in their own hearts.

Stealthily treacherous dungeons have thrown a bucket and two towels.

Murmuring and coughing has subsided.

How beautiful indeed that smiling cherubic knows no bondage and suffering.

Myriads of stories are still sleeping inside stainless steel.

Bountiful, generous and gregarious gluttons have gone with the wind into the oblivion of stars forever.

Nonsense makes more sense than sensible sensualists.

Ether speaks through open windows,

In slithering decaying dancing drunk melodies.

From there it comes here,

From here it goes there.

Bouncing back and forth.

Calling alpha using omega,

Beta theta Catherine Zeta.


15 thoughts on “Calling alpha using omega

  1. I don’t know why I had such a strong image of snakes while reading your poem – maybe it was the references to dungeon and slithering. Very well put together with some fantastic lines. Nice to see you nurturing your creativity and thank you for sharing your poem 🙂

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    1. About an year after writing that poem I encountered ‘Nagas'(snakes/reptilian entities/snake-worshippers) as in mystery school of life. I feel I also said that you were ‘motherly’ in caring for me when we first interacted. Dragons or Snakes signify awakening of latent energies and that is what happened after an year since you had that imagery–so it was psychic in my opinion. Thanks again. Love and light 🙂


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