Write Here, Write Now!

Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

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Is it a difficult thing to do so? I don’t think so. I have so many options. Simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous–it’s perfect. Do I want everything to look like perfect or do I want to tell that I have been coughing? How do I feel? I feel there is a certain sense of unease and pessimism in the air. Gloomy, dark and saturnine Juggernaut of Mula is wreaking havoc as earth is aligned to the core of Galaxy where Nritti the goddess of demon and destructions resides. How present is the present? The moment you point to it, it has already become past. How past is the past? Everything exists in the now. The now which you can’t touch and can only talk about allows everything to be. Both past and present exist because you are. Remove yourself from the equation: no you can’t. If you could you will know everything will cease to be: even objective universe. Because objective universe is pretty much an idea inside subjective universe. Yours is the only experience and only universe which really is for you. For anyone ‘else’ is an idea and you will never know besides imagining it in your own experience: such is the nature of reality: ever mysterious. 


17 thoughts on “Write Here, Write Now!

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  2. N.A.Martin

    I think I am confused-but then that was then, and this is now. Is my confusion still present? It’s continuous….it’s past, it’s present, and then it’s past again….but it’s definitely not future, or it could be, perhaps, Understand?

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