Supernatural Season 11

Note: This contains spoilers.

I have watched four or five seasons of Supernatural so far( I don’t know exactly how many!) But this show has improved with seasons. And it’s a marathon TV like The Simpsons! When I started watching first few seasons it seemed like a cheap horror and I couldn’t understand what hype was about so I started with the latest season( which was the 9th if I remember well!) And it was alright. I enjoyed a few things and a few other looked like overly dramatic. Then I watched a few seasons back as well. The tenth season was a disaster. It was boring and it seemed they were looking at finishing the show and writers were running out of ideas. Many fans said that it would have been better had they simply finished it after the 9th season instead of giving a boring year full of seemingly forced ideas which seemed trite.

Come season 11 many things change and quality of stories is first and the foremost among them. Not only were the sideline stories done remarkably well but also the main plot got a good going. Some of the stories gave me a feeling of watching good mystery, thriller or horror films. They tried different approaches in different episodes like whodunnit, scream-style hooded murderer and found-footage to name a few. The season ten saw Dean fighting with the curse of Mark of Cain and in the end Sam gets rid of it by paying heavily for it. In the eleventh season the full impact is realized in form of the Darkness being released which is the sister of God and a force incomparable to any other. The season eleven regulars are same as season ten: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley and Rubina. Season still has many episodes to go so it’s very interesting and stressful right now.

In order to find a way to get rid of darkness Sam prays to God but starts seeing visions of cage of Lucifer. He is puzzled and thinks that God means him to go to the cage and manages to do so by help of Crowley and Rubina. In a twist which was the strongest shock in the season he comes to know that it was not God who gave him the vision but Lucifer who wanted to possess his body. Now what will Lucifer do? Will he help world against darkness or help darkness as they are both enemies of God? What will Dean and Castiel do to fight them off? It remains to be seen.

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