Daily Feline Prompt: Kittens Revisited

“Oh yes mum was quite a beauty and she knew it. She didn’t have to asked twice. I know for a fact that Nera and I are not really sisters, her dad was different to mine. My dad was more the intellectual sort, he thought about his actions before he carried them out, just like me. Nera’s dad took what he wanted and our mum fell for his direct approach.”

The Cat Chronicles

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

Tabby & Nera

“My earliest memory Mrs. Human, was  a paw and a kitten that gave me a push.”

“Your mother Tabby?”

“No, my big fat fluffy black furred sister Nera. There we were waiting to at last enter the world and find a spare milk tap, and I was deemed to be the first of course, but Nera decided she wanted to be first so she gave me a push back with her paw and she was the firstborn and I was No. 2.”

“Now that wasn’t very nice Tabby.”

“It was my first memory and I learnt fast. Life is about I, me and myself. Yes Nera was a good teacher. She was always first on the milk tap and I had to search for a…

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