Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed! 

Candles, Carols, Cake, is Merry Break. 

Departure of her; arrival of pain. 

Muddle along merriment, mixed with melancholy… 

I fostered. He enchanted. I adopted. 

Who cares about yesterday, present matters. 

Wishing all Merry Days all year 

Will you dance with me tonight? 

Snow is nowhere to be found. 

Early morning: a pale full moon. 

Hawkers, sold their golden memory wares. 

Tender tear, halcyon year, without fear

What is love if not delusion. 
I refuse to make a resolution! 

He loves to fall in love 

Spring is just around the corner.



  • 16th Poetry Corner had 16 entries.
  • It’s a group event. Every entry is 6 words long.
  • There is no theme.
  • Please send your entries to me via email: thinkerv0@gmail.com






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