Sneeze Count 2015

This is an intriguing post. If anyone else does this please compare your stats with Donovan!


Yes, sneezes. I’m serious.

This blog didn’t exist one year ago, so all of you are probably new to my little…project. I count how many times I sneeze.

Okay, here’s a much needed backstory. Sneezing runs in my family. My dad sneezes a fair amount, and rumour has it my grandfather once sneezed like twenty times in a row. I’m not sure I believe that, but apparently he does sneeze a lot. I guess I inherited this sneeze gene because I sneeze more than anyone in my family. I was kind of known in school for sneezing. In grade six there was this boy who was the class clown, and his sense of entitlement made him a bit of a jerk, but the nicest thing he ever said to me was “if you entered a sneezing contest, you’d win.” In high school, I had two friends who sat behind me and one time…

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