Cold Bliss!

Surrender meditation is different from other forms in that it’s more of relaxation than concentration. You simply lie down and witness the flow of energy. Since we are not mindful in our activities there is a lot of energy trapped in muscles. We also have a lot of energy trapped in unwatched mind–in emotions. Witnessing this energy brings it into awareness and releases it. If we aren’t aware of this energy then it remains in the dark and causes unease and stress. When you surrender, you do nothing but accept life, the moment and flow of energy. The aware intelligence is itself working to create balance-to release stress and energy which is trapped in muscles and emotions.


You have to follow the movement of energy but it’s not doing. It’s being. It’s allowing the intelligence to guide you towards harmony and balance. The natural intelligence working in your body and mind is trying to create harmony. You don’t let it do so by being constantly engaged into pursuits guided by your desires and ambitions. In course of day you don’t know how heavy a body and mind you carry. You carry such a great baggage of emotions, tension and unease and it has a say on all your thoughts and actions but it’s so subtle and gradual that you don’t recognize it. Almost all of us have felt great after massage. Why do we feel great after massage and get such good sleep afterwards? Because it releases tension from muscles and frees  the pent-up energy. We never realize before massage that there is a great amount of trapped energy in muscles and this becomes our constant condition. We consider it normal. Similarly the background noise in mind is considered normal because we have forgotten natural calm state of being. When we occasionally feel silence we fall asleep.

Unease, stress and conflict are all hot. Bliss is cold. When you let energy work you clearly witness two forms of energy: one is intelligent conduit –trying to create harmony. It’s light. Second is dark–trapped inside muscles and emotions creating stress and conflict. If you surrender and let light do its work while following its movement you witness how it releases darkness. As soon as dark energy gets released it becomes light and the work of light becomes faster and stronger and the bliss starts getting collected. You not only feel at ease but also observe how literally cold bliss feels.


6 thoughts on “Cold Bliss!

  1. ” We never realize before massage that there is a great amount of trapped energy in muscles and this becomes our constant condition. We consider it normal.” This is so true. A great reminder to be mindful that our thought life is so important. Thank you Anand.

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  2. I totally agree with this Anand. In the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol K. Truman, touches on how these emotions/thoughts settle into our muscles and cause disease, etc. Another book I just finished, “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani, talks about her near death experience and the cancer that cosumed her body. After her NDE her view and focus of life was completely different. Letting go of everything actually cured her cancer. Her darkness was released. Great post.

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  3. This reminds me of a psychological theory I did a report on last year. It’s called Somatic Experiencing, and the main point of the theory is that our body has natural ways of releasing stressful energy. When we go through traumatic experiences sometimes we have to stop our bodies from finishing its action plans, and the energy gets trapped in our muscles. Our nervous systems detect this energy and think the traumatic event is still occurring, and this contributes to the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The theory does on to say that if we allow our bodies to complete the actions that were aborted earlier (AKA surrender), we can reduce these symptoms.

    What’s even more interesting is that Somatic Experiencing wasn’t originally based on any form of spirituality; it was based on observations of how animals respond to extreme stress. And yet these ideas are similar to many forms of Eastern spirituality.

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    1. Yes that is such an interesting observation. I feel observation of natural life is part of spirituality though not openly acknowledged and accepted to be so. Thanks for sharing your findings, Josh.Much appreciated!

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