The Artist’s Eye!

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

In my extremely boring post on Diwali Fair I told you that I bought 10 posters. While Mona Lisa is worth US $782 million ( I am making the dollar sign $ probably for the first time in a blog post, but why would it matter to you, so, now I have wasted your ten seconds and I must apologize?) in 2015, these paintings I bought only at 10 rupees each. I bought ten of them for a sum of 90/- rupees. I have been doing this since forever for some reason. I used to paste posters on walls of my room since early childhood. They were both photographs as well as paintings of icons. I remember having kept pictures of Hanuman, Swami Vivekananda, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Roger Federer and Krishna growing up. I also used to keep-Laughing Buddha dolls for positivity.

Prices have gone up of everything in markets and fairs, but the paintings I bought from fair have been sold at the same rate for more than a decade for some mysterious reason! This year, I bought two Ganesha paintings, two Shiva paintings, one Shakti painting two Radha-Krishna paintings and one infant Krishna painting along with a painting which has Krishna-Radha and Shiva-Parvati together in one.  

Now, I pasted two of them inside my room. One on the wall in front is of Radha-Krishna. This certainly attracts me(this was the assignment today, right?) Yes, I checked and found that I am on my way towards the perfect response. Krishna and Radha are standing side-by-side under a tree. Full Moon can be seen behind them with its white lustre. Krishna is wearing a beautiful golden crown which has a peacock feather and a pink crest in it. He is wearing a beautiful Tilaka which is a longish U shaped one, on his forehead.


A beautiful golden earring is visible on his left ear as he is standing with his head tilted  and his half closed eyes are gazing downwards. His hairs are long and he is wearing a garland made of many beautiful flowers. Couple of necklaces of pearls are clearly visible. He is also wearing many golden necklaces, a golden belt around his waist and some golden bracelets. He is holding beautiful flute of golden color in his hands, as if he is soon going to play it! His violet Dupatta is hanging from his left shoulder and it has golden borders. It is super-attractive. His white Dhoti has golden borders at end and he is also wearing golden anklets in his feet. He is standing in his famous cross-legged posture and Radha, standing on his right side has her tilted head on his shoulder. She is wearing a grey colored Saree with golden yellow border and her Dupatta is also greyish with golden border. Her face is brighter than Krishna’s. Her necklaces, waist-belt, bracelets are all beautiful and golden in color. Her long black hair are hanging down from her right side as her head is tilted and her eyes are more closed than Krishna but not completely closed. Her earring and Baindi are golden too. Like Krishna, she is also wearing rings in her fingers.

You know what strikes me about this painting? Two things right now: Radha is wearing less ornaments than Krishna. It shouldn’t strike me as I have worked as a priest in a Radha-Krishna temple in Vrindavan, but it does. The reason is obvious so I won’t point it out to you. But in the temple, I used to see a better balance than we have here. Krishna-the-darling-of-the-painter is getting all attention and Radha seems to have been overlooked. Another flaw here is- Radha has a fair colored face but her hands are of same color as those of Krishna–dark greyish complexion.

The artist has done a remarkable job. Krishna seems to be around 16 years of age, as is told in various scriptures. Radha appears to be older but not more than 22 years of age. There are magenta colored flowers below their feet and green grass. A peacock and many cows are visible in the background. A river(Yamuna) can also be seen behind them and some calves are grazing. The picture is perfectly serene and calm and both Krishna and Radha seem intoxicated with love as their eyes look heavy and mildly closed. Many hazy clouds are visible just below the halo of Moon. The tree above their head has yellow flowers of small size and beautiful green leaves. This picture has golden border around it and since I know nothing about paintings, I will not be able to fathom why such a superb painting(which is just out of this world for me) is only worth ten Indian rupees, whereas Mona Lisa is US $782 million! But what is that to me? If you give me Mona Lisa for free, I won’t take it. If you want me to donate this Radha-Krishna painting, I am willing to give. I could never understand the Mona Lisa hype. Maybe it’s all for nothing!

I feel artists who create these paintings are very inspired by the divine, otherwise there is no way to create such marvels. I can keep meditating on this beautiful painting for hours(but I don’t!) This painting is a picture perfect of divine love. Krishna the darling of Vrindavan is so handsome and magnetic that all gopis love him but Radha is his favorite. I have seen so many paintings but this one has amazing ambience and mild feelings of serenity which soothe your eyes and soul. It’s as if Krishna is calling you to his eternal abode Goloka, to dance with him and to feel the bliss of love!

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