Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline’s Eye

I had a good laugh at Leonard Da Gatto!

Merry Catmas!

The Cat Chronicles

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Tabby relaxing

“Mrs. Human, don’t move, be quiet, I have to concentrate.”

“Do you have one of your creative moments Tabby?”

“All my moments are creative Mrs. Human, I might be having a creative sleep, enjoying a creative plate of hard vitamin pellets, or even a wonderful aromatic dish of tuna fish. Of course nature might call, and they are most creative moments. At the moment I am designing a picture for my Catmas Cards.”

“Ok, I won’t ask about the creative moments in your recycling tray. You are painting?”

“Don’t be silly Mrs. Human, paint brushes are only for opposable thumbs and Leonardo da Gatto is still working on that, so we must be patient. In the meanwhile the Adobecat Photoshop have at…

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