Stories Behind Your WordPress Names!

Dear friends,

I requested you to share the stories behind your usernames. I am so glad so many of you interacted and shared. These stories are very interesting and help us better remember and understand names, our cultures and personalities. I have compiled all of the stories you shared via comments and edited a bit those which exceeded 50 words. I hope you will see your story here and let me know if I missed something. I will be glad to edit it for you, or add something if you want. I am really amazed to see how much creativity and history goes behind these names!



Alex Harris : Fit Fish

The Defender of Men!

 Alex is short for Alexander. Alexander stands for “Defender of Men.” 


Calensariel: Impromptu Promptings

For The Love of Tolkien!

My RL name is Cheryl, variation of the English name Beryl (a green stone, part of the emerald family, my birthstone). My username, Calensariel, means green (calen) stone (sar) maiden (iel), a combination of Quenya and Syndarin, two of Tolkien’s languages created for Lord of the Rings which I LOVE!



Shambhavi Sharma: The Amused Mind

The Darling of Shiva!

Shambhavi. My maternal grandfather is a firm believer of Goddess Durga. It is one of her 108 names. It means Shiv’s beloved,counterpart. Shiv is also called Shambu. “Shambu priya” or Shiv ke jo Priy hai is Shambhavi.
So I like to think myself as the loved one.  🙂

Smomingham: Living On Gingham Lane

It’s The Mom Living On Gingham Lane!

Smomingingham relates to me a single mom. Short smom. My blog is called living on gingham lane. Shortened to ingingham. Hence “smomingingham”. You may call me Vicki.

Jake@ThePeasantBlogThe Peasant Blog

A Sign From Somewhere and A Funny Character!


Jake – I was going to be called Ben before I was born but when my parents saw my face  Jake came to them- a sign from somewhere!
The Peasant –  I used to play Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires games as a child, and always liked the funny quotes the character used to speak.


Reshma Bhatt: The Subtler You!

Because We All Have Unnoticed Selves Inside Us!


The Subtler you-Because we all have that unnoticed part of us which we are unaware and which comprises of all those qualities we would always want in us. Only requirement-Enlightenment and believing ourselves.
That does not sound like a personal story 😛




Oneta Hayes:Sweet Aroma

What Might Have Happened?

The only thing I know is that my mother told me her daddy (Clyde) chose my name – Oneta. That’s less than 50 words; however, I have used the idea to write a post called “A Might Have Happened…” story. I’ll post tomorrow. Stay tuned for more about me and how it might have happened!



Lizzie9416: Gayatri

For Reasons Unknown!

Gayatri- my grandfather gave my name reason unknown.
And lizzie was initially lizi(my nickname) but i modified it a bit 🙂



Leader Not A Follower!

Freespirit i now call myself because i am a  leader not a follower.  0ften people follow what i do, what i wear, when in shops people come to me and give some thing new a go because i did.

I am often the first to try something new i have a talent for starting things. 0ften i have thought of something before it becomes a hit.


Chiruhr: Solipsistic Soul

Astrology And A Mega Star!

Because according to astrology, my name had to start with Cha Akshara and my mom loved megastar Chiranjeevi in 90’s. 🙂


Ljlhannah: Voices In My Head

A Little Beauty And A Fiance!

My user name is my three initials with my fiance’s last name. My name is Lynette Jo-Letta Logan. My mother gave me my father’s initials. Lynette means little beauty. When I met my best friend 20yrs ago she called me Missy and it stuck


Tessa: Advocate For Mental Illness

Grandmother’s Name Nicked!

My real name is on my blog: Teresa Smeigh. I use Tessa as a nickname on here and Terri at home with family and offline friends. I like Tessa and would change my name if I could. Teresa is my paternal grandmother’s name. I named my blog Tessa Can Do It because I am trying to convince myself that I can do it.



Josh|The Jaguar: The Jaguar

Josh Who Writes About The Jaguar!

‘The Jaguar’ part of my username was chosen because that’s what my blog is primarily about, and because I wanted a name that would make me stand out. But I also wanted to let people know who I was, so I threw my real name in there too.



Let My Soul Speak!

 NJ: Neerja Joshi” 🙂 Neerja means Goddess Lakshmi . The Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

My dad named me after Neerja Bhanot who was a flight attendant murdered while saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked  5 September 1986.
Ame means Soul in french. And about why being an Indian I chose a french word 😉 My first job was in a french company, so I named it ..Ametalk 🙂 Let my Soul speak 🙂


Spiritdancing: Quality Of Life 4U

A Dancing Spirit!

…I was never fond of my given name…there wasn’t ever a nickname that someone called me…with that said somehow I knew I was a special spirit and I loved, loved dancing and I am unable to dance conventionally…however…my spirit can…hence Spiritdancing…I had polio and my left leg was most affected…so a nickname reflecting dancing…fun, fun!


Lisamariagardiner: Kidscrumbsandcrackers

Love and Respect For Two Mothers!

When first born I was named Maria Bernadette from my Irish mother, she left me at hospital and I was consequently adopted. My adoptive mother changed my name to Lisa but kept Maria as my second name, in respect and thanks to my birth mother x


Jenmotivates12: Motivation For Today’s Reality!

Motto With A Nick Name!

 I have a basic name Jennifer, Jen for short and my middle name Lea is after my biological dad Lee.


Sincerely, Hil: Sincerely, Hil

Friends With Earnestness!

Sincerely, Hil – I wanted something that could grow with me.
The word sincerely worked for the goal of being sincere in my writing and Hil – well, friends call me that 🙂


Mschrysalis: Wild Currents

A Gender Bender Caterpillar! 

Chrysalis is a caterpillar on its way to becoming a butterfly. I added the Ms. when I found a website where chrysalis was already being used.
I never intended to blog anonymously; but I do feel more of a connection to my chosen name than to my given name, Patrice Guillaume. My last name is French for William and I was 28 years old before it was pointed out to me that Patrice is also male and French.

Dr. Meg Sorick: Meg Sorick-Write’s Better Than She Dresses

A Precious Pearl,  A Princess And A Lithuanian Chiropractor!

Meg is short for Margaret which means “pearl , precious and rare” and I was named for my mother, who was in turn named for Princess Margaret of England, Queen Elizabeth’s sister! My last name: Sorick is my married name and is Lithuanian in origin. The meaning of the name has been lost in time but is similar to the Russian word for the number 40.


Rashmi: Mind and Life Matters

A Russian Ray of Sun!

Rashmi means a ray of Sun. Sashay(username) – because Sasha is my pet name, don’t know how it came to being. Sasha was not available in WP so it became sashay and my username was created! it was my Dad who named my pet name.


Stephieann8: When I Thought I Was Fat!

An Actress With A Crown!

Stephanie– Greek for crown. My mother I believed named me after a favorite actress/or character from a TV show she used to watch.


Nissetje: Barking Back

A Cute Gnome and A Little Dutch!

Username Nissetje. “Nisse” is the nickname my Danish grandparents gave me (it means gnome, those cute little ones with the red hats). And then when I lived in Holland and learned to speak Dutch, I got into the habit of adding “tje” to pretty much every name and noun. Thus: Nissetje.


Danielle: The Thought Card

God Is My Judge!

Danielle – named after my great grandfather Daniel. I heard he was such a good man, I hope I am making him proud. Awesome – thank you. Found out that Danielle means “God is my judge


Lulu: Following Seas

O Adam and Eve!

Luanne – My father’s name was Louis (Lou) and mother’s name is Barbara Ann. They combined the two (Not sure why they dropped the “o” from Lou.) My nickname became Lulu.

Ritu – the name my parents shortened my full name, Ratinder, to! Ratin from Ratan I believe. My pops said the full name, from Punjabi origins meant changing seasons. Maybe I’m King(Queen) of the changing seasons then!!!

Linda Jenkins: Lindaelena

Beautiful Greek Goddess!

I used my first & middle name: Linda Elena. My parents chose Linda because it means beautiful. Elena is Italian for Helen which was my mother’s name.

Marie: blograinbowdreamer

Sun Must Arrive Before A Rainbow!

Rainbowdreamer because in sad days or difficult moment because of my life with à pervers narcissique, it’s like rainy days. After rain sun must arrive and before à rainbow… So I was hoping for rainbow, that is my name’s story.


Anand: Blabberwockying: 

The Vibrant Word of God!

Anand: (Sanskrit/Hindi): Means bliss. I didn’t cry when I was born. Family  felt blissful. Maternal grandmother suggested.

thinkerv0: taken from gmail registration. Teen wanted to become a thinker, was listening to the vibrant word of God.





98 thoughts on “Stories Behind Your WordPress Names!

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  2. Hi, my name pretty much speaks for itself. However, my website name is This is a product of a few trials & errors as most every name I could think of was taken. Then this saying came to mind, “Come in, sit down, relax, converse. Our house isn’t always like this, sometimes it’s even worse.” LOL. I decided to go with the first line of this, and it worked.

    Thanks for following my blog 🙂

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  3. I just recovered internet access and came to look at your blog. Fantastic idea that of your inquiry!! So I’m a little late to participate but I want to be part of it!!!
    My user name is CRACBOUMHUH which in french would be an expression more likely written (Crac! Boum! Hue!) like a comic strip written sound of some kind and has several meanings. It can be the sound of an accident (objects crashing in), or ..a sexual intercourse (doing cracboumhue!)
    Also Hue! is an terjection to make a horse go forth (Hue Dada!)
    But none of these uses are very commonly used any longer.
    It was back in the 60’s I guess. I still use it because I just love how it sounds, but to express the idea that something happened suddenly (and then crac boom hue I had to get going!) I like to think of it as a personal trademark because I haven’t heard anybody use that expression but me.
    Starting that blog I had to find a name fast to go forth with the idea (thinking too long I risked changing my mind) and Cracboumhuh! came flying in naturally.

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  4. My wordpress name is actually the name of my Second Life avatar. I chose Marly; it is a combo of my two grandmother’s names Marie and Lilly. Way back when, in Second Life, you had to choose a last name from a random list. I thought Peapod was sweet and a little funny, so I chose that one.

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  5. The story behind my username is not terribly complicated. The elements behind a person being broken or whole are body, mind and spirit and whether they are balanced and free of pain. It is my goal and my joy to help people heal body, mind and spirit.
    I wanted to let you know that I ominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award. The link to the details is if you would like to accapt. Have a great weekend.

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  7. wwwpalfitness

    y name came from childhood. I was a massive gamer like in Pixels and they only allowed 3 letters. So I shortened my name to pal. Later I made my actual website and I stuck with it being similar here on WP


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  11. mysticalwriter12

    Hi, sorryI missed this, it sounds like it was great fun. I was away for the & am just now getting back to the internet whereI can check on my emails & etc. Where I was they had no internet service until yesterday. Anyway if it’s not too late & no trouble I would love to add my name to the fun!

    Blessings, Light & Love

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      1. Sure. Sounds interesting.

        Whispering Windows: I have a thing for Windows. I find them amusing, interesting and intriguing. So whispering is for the voices in my head. All my words come from those whispers. And Windows is for the Windows of my soul. In short- Whispers from the Windows of my soul.

        I hope this makes sense. 🙂

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          1. Oh that. No there isnt anything about it. My name is Ashna. Lets say, I just recently figured out how to change profile names. So experimenting was happening. Earlier it was ashna16 which was my login id. Later I made it Ashna.

            Silly story.

            P.S. I am new on WordPress and it is really confusing. Still figuring my way out.

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              1. Ashna is an urdu word. Ashna means a companion, beloved, a friend or a lover.
                My mom wanted to pick a name from S, since her name starts with that letter. But daddy suggested Ashna.

                It is inspired from Shahrukh Khan’s movie Dil Aashna Hai. That is where they picked it up from. And then customized it a bit by eliminating one A.


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                1. That’s what came to my mind: “dil ashna hai, jigar ashna hai, tum pe to hamari nazar ashna hai.” In that line it means “sacrificed” and not “beloved.” Anyway I will not disturb you much lol 😛 It was a film directed by Hema Malini and she casted him when he was doing Fauji so it was his big break! Great! Thanks for sharing 🙂


                  1. Oh yes it means fida too. :p I generally tell people companion or friend.

                    Damn you know the deets. This is my proud moment. Finally somebody kmows. 😀

                    By the way, how do you know so much?


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                    1. Ah I am flattered lol. Glad you liked this. I have been curious about words. I wish could have learnt more Urdu words. It is such a “paak zabaan.” I will include your story into this post. 🙂

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  13. Rainbowdreamer because in sad days or difficult moment because of my life with à pervers narcissique, it’s like rainy days. After rain sun must arrive and before à rainbow… So I was hoping for rainbow, that is my name’s story.

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          1. ok 🙂

            My username is NJ which is initial of my first name “Neerja” and last name “Joshi” 🙂 Neerja means Goddess Lakshmi . The Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual). She is the wife and active energy of Vishnu a central god and one of the three deities of the trimurti in Hinduism.

            My dad named me after Neerja Bhanot who was a flight attendant for Pan Am, based in Mumbai, India, and was murdered while saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5 September 1986. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award for bravery, the Ashok Chakra.
            And I feel so proud of it 🙂

            About my blog name :
            Ame means Soul in french.And about why being an Indian I chose a french word 😉 My first job was in a french company, so we had some french learning session in our office 😛 and from there on I pick my fascination for french words 😛 My writings our insight to my soul 🙂 They evolve me as a human 🙂 So I named it ..Ametalk 🙂 Let my Soul speak 🙂

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            1. It’s really very interesting and thorough. I have added it after editing heavily and updated this post. If you find unsatisfactory, please give an edited version in your 50 words and I will update. I also heard that film is coming about Neerja Cheers 🙂

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      1. Anand, can you tell me how you were able to block out the quotes for each individual? I assume you’re using html and I’m still completely illiterate. I want to do precisely what you’ve done here, with a blocked out comment preceded by the end-quote.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I didn’t use HTML. I selected the story I wanted to highlight using the cursor and after that I used that ” ” mark in the post editor, it will turn the selected words in the quotes 🙂 Let me know if you have difficulty doing this 🙂


    1. Oh dear I hope you have speedy recovery. You need to get well soon to enjoy Christmas fully 🙂 I pray for you. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I will add your story when you get well and share 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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