The Number 13 and Its Variants In My Life!

How Did I Develop A Penchant For Numerology?

Numerology is fun first of all. Then it is a lot of things: mumbo-jumbo for some pseudo-science for others and so on. Growing up I saw books on numerology in my households which were collected by my grandfather and father as they were interested in them. My grandfather used to play lottery too but he never had any great luck despite his numerology studies.


I acquired a certain mind-set which became accustomed of observing numerological patterns. I started delving deeper into Vedic Astrology only after moving away from home town. Until I was in college, my parents didn’t allow me to read much because they were too worried about my career and wanted me to focus only on academics, whereas I was a voracious reader of things outside academics.  Before college, when I hadn’t seen my chart I used to ask my father if I had Sanyasa Yoga: Combinations for renunciate and he used to answer affirmatively, at the same time asking me to not to take renunciation. The reason I used to ask about it was because I felt an overwhelming compassion towards people who were suffering and an immense detachment from social life which always seemed too temporary and mired amidst too many throngs and pangs of destiny.

Later on I started studying Vedic Astrology and now it has become a source of joy and part of life but the basics of numerology remained the same and I didn’t study much about it. I just kept observing things and facts seemed to glue to my memory because of the interest. I feel personality and life-story are woven by ego and karmic propensities so I don’t attach much importance to them.

Let’s focus on my numerological synchronicity in this post. I don’t promise any consistency because it is not an exact science. I have some observations and you might even find me twisting a few things. Sometimes a thing will be observed but can’t be applied to other incidents and so on. This post is primarily for your entertainment and to invite some discussion if I could arouse a modicum of interest in you.


Friday The 13th: Friggatriskaidekaphobia

I was born on Friday The 13th. Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the term known for the fear of friday the 13th in the west. It has evolved because of a belief that the goddess of destruction was related to this day. Jesus had 13 people including himself in the last supper. Friday is considered auspicious among muslims and Christianity and Islam have not seen eye to eye in the history, therefore Friday was considered inauspicious.

Nritti: Goddess of Demon and Destruction 

I was born in the Mula constellation. Mula is 19th constellation among 27 lunar mansions. The goddess of this constellation lives in the land of the dead and called Alaxmi( reverse of prosperity: goddess of prosperity is called Laxmi) and Nritti. She rules the destruction and demons. It is said that 9/11 happened when fiery planet Mars was conjunct Ketu(north node of Moon) which causes sudden disruption and upheaval.


I was born on Friday the 13th. 13= 1+3 =4 so 4 is my root number.

Variants of 13 are 4, 8, 22, 26 and 31. 4 because it is the root. 8 because it is a harmonic of 4. 22 because it has the same root number. 26 because it is harmonic of 13 and 31 because it also has the same root. Even 17 will be related but not that much. 40 is also a variant.



Twisted Facts:

  • My grandfather was born on December 22nd= 22= 2+2=4
  • My father was born on September 13th= 1+3 = 4
  • My parents got engaged on December 13th= 1+3=4
  • My parents got married on February 8th= 8
  • I was born on December 13th= 1+3=4
  • I was born in 1985. 8+5=13. 1+3=4
  • I was born at exactly at 8:05 AM= 8+5=13. 1+3=4.
  • My paternal aunt got married on December 13th. 1+3=4
  • My cousin was born on December 13th. 1+3=4
  • 3 days ago his elder brother, another cousin of mine got engaged on the same day. December 13th, 2015. 1+3=4
  • My first sibling was born on June 22=2+2=4
  • My second sibling was born on September 26=2+6=8
  • I was born in the state of Madhya Pradesh( M is the 13th letter of the alphabet) 1+3=4
  • Madhya Pradesh has 13 letters in total.
  • My lunar birth constellation is Moola= M is 13th letter of alphabet=1+3=4
  • I was born in the 4th quarter of Mula(every constellation has 4 quarters). 1+3=4
  • My Moon sign(Rashi), Sun-sign and Ascendant are Sagittarius. Sagittarius is called Dhanush(Dhanu after the archer) in Hindi. D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. D=4
  • My mother’s ascendant is Dhanu ( D is the 4th letter of the alphabet.)4
  • My mother’s Rashi(moon-sign) is Mesha(Aries). M is the 13th letter. 1+3=4
  • My father’s moon sign is Vrishchika(Scorpio) V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet. 2+2=4
  • My first sibling’s ascendant is Makara(Capricorn). M=13=1+3=4
  • My second sibling’s ascendant is Makara(Capricorn). M=13=1+3=4
  • My second sibling’s Rashi(Moon sign) is Dhanu. D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. 4
  • My second sibling’s name starts with the letter V. 22nd letter.
  • My second sibling’s constellation is also Mula. M
  • My birthday falls in the 13th zodiac sign(Ophiuchus)
  • In the 13th year of my life I gained first merit in district and second merit in division in board exams and became a local celebrity. ( 13=1+3=4)
  • In the 22nd year of my life I gained my first job offer letter. ( 2+2=4)
  • The  first letter of the name of the girl (only girl whom I ever proposed in my life) was M. 13th letter of the alphabet. 1+3=4
  • She was from Delhi. D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. 4
  • The girl who was my platonic love in college was born on 8th. 8
  • I joined for my job in Chennai which was very poplar as Madras. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. 1+3=4
  • I had to take retirement when I was 26 years old=2+6 =8 ( so far I have told I was 27 but I had only completed 26 years till then.
  • M for mystery which is my favorite genre of movies. M. 13. 1+3=4.
  • Meditation and Movies have been my prime hobbies. M. 13. 1+3=4.
  • Vedic Astrology is also one of my hobbies and Music(Divine Melodies). V/D/M. 13 and 4 and 22.
  • Moksha is the name for enlightenment which was my goal growing up. M. 13th. 1+3=4.
  • Marijuana is the only psychedelic drug I have ever tried. M. 13th 1+3=4
  • I tried Marijuana for Meditation and it awakened Mystic Fire. All Ms. 13th. 1+3=4.
  • I ran away from home on 12th of Sept 2013 and reached Vrindavan(Mathura) on early morning of September 13th.
  • It was the birthday of Radha: the divine consort of lord Krishna who is in-charge of Vrindavana and it is said nobody can enter into Vrindavan without her permission. I didn’t plan these things. Radha Ashtami falls on eighth lunar day. 8.
  • V for Vrindavan is 22nd letter of the alphabet. M for Mathura is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
  • The place where I stayed over there is known as Jagannath Ghat. 13 letters. 13.
  • I took renunciation in 2013 ( 13)
  • Mother is the reason why I am not free to run away and roam around. M is the 13th letter of alphabet.
  • Moon period and Mars sub-period was running when I ran away and took renunciation. M for both Moon and Mars. M is the 13th letter of alphabet.
  • Mars is the strongest planet in my horoscope. M is the 13th letter of alphabet.
  • My school where I studied for first 8 years was named Maria Mata ( Mother Mary). M is the 13th letter of alphabet.
  • My parent’s house is in Choubey Colony. It has been here for more than 26 years. Choubey Colony has 13 letters in it.
  • My nickname at home is Vikas. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet. My best friend in school also had first letter of name with V.
  • My joining date at job was 26th of October. 2+6=8.
  • The Blogger’s World is the new forum name chosen by the popular vote. Though I am an admin over there, I didn’t suggest the name. The name has 13 letters in it.
  • Rashmi Menon is a co-admin in the forum. Her surname begins with M. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet(1+3=4). Her birthday falls on 22nd(2+2=4)
  • Dr. Meg Sorick who is a volunteer and a great support on forum and a wonderful friend since I joined Blogging 101 in August has first letter M. Her blog name has 35 letters= 3+5=8
  • Sorick in her name has Lithuanian origin but means 40=4.
  • The first project I worked on in IT industry was a Migration project. M. 13=1+3=4
  • The project where I spent most amount of time was for Merck and manager over there had first name of the letter M.13=1+3=4.
  • We were almost always 13 members in the team.13. 1+3=4
  • For my first birthday celebration 13  friends gathered for the treat. 13.1+3=4.
  • Since I was busy working in a project and wanted to avoid Dovetail(D) tests–I requested Manager(M) and though it was rare, 4 of us got exemption from it on July 13th 2010. 13. 1+3=4.
  • My bike’s number plate reads: 94 76 ( 9+4=13 and 7+6=13 and 13+13=26=2+6=8)
  • I joined the WordPress Blogging 101 course in the 8th month: August. 8.
  • Michelle was the chief happiness expert there. She had the highest influence on me and others. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
  • Edited(26-Jan-2018): The pin-code for the town I live in is 471001=4+7+1+0+0+1=13=4.
  • At the age of 31 years most mystical near death paranormal experiences happened some of which were documented in my blog posts here and on another blog with the name The Art of Dying. 


I had accumulated many more but forgotten with the passage of time. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do you have certain observations similar to these in your life? Please feel free to share in the comments. No need to worry about the length of the comment, if it is too big or too small it’s fine!


67 thoughts on “The Number 13 and Its Variants In My Life!

  1. Numbers are intriquing. I’m always seeing 11. 1111, 111, etc. My birthdate is November the 11th month; day is 29, 2+9=11. When I read about 11’s it related to “starting something new” whatever that might be. For me, now, it’s starting to blog! Looking forward to see what else is in store. Thank you Anand.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I didn’t look very far into the numbers for myself, but I was born on the 11th. My favorite number has been 2. Two because I’d prefer to be the second best when it comes to things rather than first. I’d like someone to chase down. It continues into the relation with my sibling too, but it starts to get more complicated in that direction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand your viewpoint. The number 2 is friendly with number 4 as well. and quite a few events may have revolved around number 11 as well. Thanks for sharing your story Alex 🙂


        1. It’s the other way around. The life path number is 1 and root number is 7. Have you seen your horoscope and know about moon-sign/ascendant too? I am getting Kumbha rashi. If you know about time/place of birth I can cast the horoscope and let you know via email(provided you want to know)

          Have a great day!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh yes. I am always excited to read about astrology. I found this book by Linda Goodman in my home long time back. Randomly started reading it. Still naive about it. But it is overwhelming to me. 🙂

            Thanks for letting me know.
            Yes, will email you right away. 😀

            Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes, constellations and other aspects too. There are a few articles on my blog. You can find tons of them online. I highly recommend visiting “Barbara Pijjan Lama” site. You can google her. 🙂


  4. sober0

    I have seen the phenomenon of numerological synchronicity taking place on mass scale in recent times and have spoken to someone about it with whom it happens as a routine occurence. I personally have certain ominous number sets which I encounter on a regular basis, including 9.11 and 3.16, and another one is the repeated occurence of number sets appearing as numerals of 5 and 0 and even number combinations. I believed that it was a sign of becoming very ‘plugged in’ to the way things are done on Earth, and simply being sufficiently grounded. I wonder if anyone else has theories, if you do let me know and we can try and understand how we fit in to all this…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can totally understand about your observations. Before Dec 2012 I had read that noticing 11:11 means you were awakening and I started observing it everywhere. Well it was also related to my root number 4 as 1+1+1+1=4. But I have not done anymore research to it more than this. Thanks for sharing your observations. Very intriguing 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


  5. Vikram Bishla


    this is quite interesting and entertaining as well 🙂

    I am fascinated by patterns.

    I wonder if there can be any significance of this. 🙂

    thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Vikram Bishla

        yeah, there are many such patterns which i can observe likewise.

        my original DOB is 04/11/1994 though i do not use this one in my academic records.

        now o4 = 4

        there are many more which i will share in a separate post 🙂

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        1. See: that is why we are drawn to each other. You have root number 4 too. V also drops down to 4 and like I said in my post my nickname Vikas and many of my friends have root 4. Thanks for sharing it. If you tell me(you can send an email) your time and place of birth as well I will save your chart for my records and might tell you a couple of things in general(only if you want to know) cheers!

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Vikram Bishla

                no mine is true. i was asking just for information.

                few days back you posted the birth chart of sai baba whose exact DOB is not known so can that be valid.


  6. I do have similar observations–many of my numbers add up to 10…born on 7/3 in 1955 (7+3; 1+9, 5+5); graduated from high school in 1973, etc! Also, and I am not sure what difference it makes, but I am fascinated by it, all my birth numbers are prime. I think the number study is fascinating, although I have no idea what to do with the patterns–or the primes!

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