I need inspiration, not another negotiation!


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I need inspiration, not another negotiation! 

Dibble dabble do, lots to do! 

The peaceful drifting of the mind 

A picture perfect moon this morning 

Stuck on repeat free of thought  

My heart, as bird, takes wing 

Frantic festive furtiveness, goodwill and forgiving 

My mind is clogged right now 

Love, will surely, cure us all. 

It doesn’t have to be sadness 

Weekend is here, so is happiness 

Always say “hello” to kindred souls. 

I see sadness all around me 

Wiping tears, with blood-stained sleeves. 

Lost my hat; found my head. 

Birdsong, as on a spring morning… 

Glassy eyes, stared back at me 

Gobbledegook, humbledduck, abra-ca-dabra, under-the-hook, bellwether, under-the-weather!

The unknown which holds everything together 

Born crying, will not die crying! 

Lovesick death dream so are you. 

Like pyramids, mysterious to modern man. 



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  • Which is a group event receiving anonymous entries via mail.
  • And publishes every Tuesday. There is no theme. 6 words entries.
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