Press It: Loved Reading These!

Press It

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

I have read a lot of blog posts in last week, but it is easiest to remember the ones you read recently so following three make my favorites list:

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow It!

An excerpt:

“I am still organising the statutes for the CCC (Creative Cat Club), although it seems that the Italian felines are now moving in which is not so good.”

“Do you have problems with Italian cats Tabby?”

“Not really, but Al Cattone is the leader and is boss of the Italian catafia. He says we must pay him protection tuna fish, otherwise he will set his gang on to us and infect our pawpads with a canine virus.”

“That does not sound so good Tabby.”

Why you would love reading it?

The author has a knack for converting every prompt into feline-verse with great humor. I have not read much fiction in my life but whatever I have read has made me feel that Carroll Lewis’ Alice in The Wonderland and Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes From The Underground are the best forms for me. The Cat Chronicles belong to a class of a great Wonderland where you are inside the head of cheeky and carefree Tabby and her feline friends. I love reading posts on this blog and I feel if an anthology of stories is created out of all posts from this blog–I will never get bored of reading them because this is the type of fiction I love the most. To say this I must have read more fiction to compare it with other but sadly I haven’t and yet it appeals to me a great deal. Humor, fantasy and dissolving boundaries.



An excerpt:

The romance of travel can be highly over-rated. Having been traveling for years, it is not uncommon to find that you have left everyone behind, in the dust, as it were. When you visit home, you learn that the life you once knew has morphed, for you this happened seemingly overnight, for people there, over the years, into a place place unknown, and, worse, unfelt. Sure, you can find threads of yourself here and there in the warp and weave of the old streets and cafes, but your ghost has mostly been replaced by newer, more vibrant ones. For you, “there is no there there”, to quote Gertrude Stein.

Why you would love reading it?

Joanne is a traveller. She has not only travelled in the physical but also in the spiritual, in mind. As soon as I started reading this post I fell in love with it. I felt, as if, she was giving a voice to my feelings: only with an eloquence I might never have, had I tried. I am not a traveller, yet, in my early boyhood days I had a great yearning to go back to the roots: to those villages where I had spent a great amount of my infancy and early boyhood. When I went back to those places they were not to be found. They had disappeared–all that remained was their memories–haunting and nostalgic. But the places I had before my eyes were so different from what I had in my memory and imagination. I hope you would relate to this post and enjoy reading it as I did!




A Wintery Adventure

An excerpt:

She looked up at the sky and was awestruck at the sight of the snow laden, cotton fluff flying clouds. Those luscious berries were all that was on her mind. Ms.Red Riding Hood paced forward. She saw that amber tree laden with those berries. She was just about to pluck the berries one by one and put them in the basket that she was carrying, when she noticed the bark of the tree which felt as cold as a crocodiles back. Then she suddenly screeched.

Why you would love reading this one?

Shilpa says it’s her first attempt at storytelling and I was chewing my fingers in disbelief! How could she write so beautifully and vividly in her first attempt? She has painted a perfect picture of a wintery morning which is mysterious and fascinating. This could make a great opening scene of mystery-fantasy film. Is she a J. K. Rowling in the making? How would I know for I have not read any of the Harry Potter but she certainly seems to have a great mastery at storytelling and I loved reading this story.



18 thoughts on “Press It: Loved Reading These!

  1. beingmepresently

    Thank you for your recommendations. I am like you in that I am not yet a traveller, but I hope to be one day! I also read the Red Riding Hood story and thoroughly enjoyed it. I commented on how great the description was. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading that story Lou. I had hard time believing she was writing her first story.Must be a great reader and very talented. I hope you get to travel as much as you want 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Vibrant, you have such a knack for doing this kind of thing – making recommendations and in other ways promoting good reading! One of these I know but I’d like to browse a bit in the other two. Thanks for the direction.

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