A great mystery solved today by itself as I was watching a Bollywood film “Manjhi: The Mountain Man.” I am yet to finish watching the film as I easily get bored watching it and get busy with other things. It’s a typical Bollywood bioscope-drama so it’s a given. The film is based on real-life events. Dashrath Manjhi, the protagonist was actually a person living in Gehlore village of Gaya district in Bihar, India. He worked tirelessly for two decades to break a mountain(literally) to pave a way for villagers. It reduced the time taken by villagers to reach nearby city(and all facilities like medicines and such) considerably from 55 Kms to a mere 15 kms!

Well, what more can I say, man was a legend and I have not finished watching the film to review it. Navazul Siddiqui is a great actor who is playing Manjhi. The point of this article is the word Moosar.

This word and its variants are extensively used in almost all Bundelkhand and other rural areas of country. I have heard it all my life. Moosar, Musar, Musarya are typical variants of the same word. I am always curious about names and their origins and I used to think that this word comes from Musal. Musal is the Hindi term used for the iron rod which is used to crush spices and nuts inside a pot(mortar). Together they are known as Khalla-Musala. Therefore, I used to think that Musar is a degeneration of the term Musal. But I was wrong! 

Dashrath Manjhi was born among mouse eating people of Bihar known as Moosars. People believed that since they ate mouse the viruses inside mouse made them dumb and they used to do strange things losing all sense. The head of the village Gehlore says in the film that Manjhi is so obstinate and reckless because he is a Moosar(mouse eating person.) You have Mosar-baer as a CD company and I don’t know where they got their name from but for me it was a great relief as this mystery got resolved on its own! Moosar–Musar–Musarya comes from a mouse eating tribe. The word is used for people who are vulgar and do anything clumsily and recklessly. Knowing the background makes all the sense. 


17 thoughts on “Moosar!

  1. I liked this post. When My Wonderful Words blog takes on it’s true form (when I get the blogging university courses finished) this is the kind of post I’d like to write. Right now the title is misleading. Although I hope that sometimes I do write wonderful words.

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I do like the “foster cat chats” though. I hope to read your etymology posts as well. I like reading etymologies. Thanks for your kind words. Are you taking commenting-bootcamp which kicks-off today, Brenda?


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