If I Ruled the World…

If I Ruled the World

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

First things first: I firmly believe that nature is infinitely more intelligent than human mind. The universe, in all its ways is perfect; way more perfect than I feel it’s. The tiny-puny human mind is mostly driven by base desires to rule over nature and that’s exactly why modern science creates ten problems where it solves one. I have been hearing about Cop21 and other things: typical human nature–create ten problems first and then start solving them. This is how ego lives. Ego can’t exist in peace, it can’t. It doesn’t love bliss. Bliss and peace are enemies of ego. They’re fatal for it. Imagine a very competitive, aggressive and upbeat head of your family, village, town or nation. What is he busy doing? Solving problems, eh? If he solves one problem he creates ten more. This is how ego survives. If there is no problem it will create one because it can’t live in acceptance. It is so scared of silence.



I believe if you disturb one law of nature it will affect all others because there is nothing which exists in isolation. The butterfly effect says that a butterfly flapping its wings in Chhatarpur, India might trigger a chain of reactions which will cause a typhoon in South Florida, USA and so on. You have seen The Butterfly Effect, film, so you know it all. Don’t watch the sequels! The point being, it is absurd to change just one law. But imagination is all about twisting laws. So why not? I also believe that there are infinite universes with infinite varieties of laws which might be dramatically different from those in ours. Any universe you can imagine already exists because you can’t conceive anything which is different or more intelligent than the supreme intelligence!

Now, what would I like to change in this universe? Honestly I don’t know much about the universe, all I know is about this planet earth and that is also teeny-weeny. If I change Gravity and remove it altogether, solar-system will disappear and I was thinking that we all will fly! If I remove gravity only on earth–that is- it remains intact between celestial bodies–then we can fly! But it doesn’t appeal me much. What will I like to do? Desire is the root cause of all suffering(or boredom is?) so I will remove desire altogether. Let love alone remain. But desire is actually love of self for itself! Alright, let’s approach something simpler. I will like to wipe negativity out.

Our minds are naturally drawn towards negativity. Call it survival instinct, amygdala, fight-or-flight but we all have minds which act like sponges for negativity. Paranoia, jealousy, hatred, fear and anger so easily grab our minds, whereas it takes some effort to practice kindness, compassion, love, equanimity, truth, justice and balance. Why is that so? We have discussed about it. It’s the way mind has been designed. Some myths tell that mind is devil. It’s satan. Mind is always drawn towards negative. We see people around us and we observe media full of negativity. It is so easy to find faults in others.


The whole world is on verge of destruction. Conspiracy theories, bad climate, terrorism, racial and sexual discrimination and whatnot. If nothing, let’s criticise our neighbors or colleagues or bosses. Why there is such a great appeal in criticizing others? Because it gives a false sense of superiority where there is none. You are one with everything, but if you know this, how will you contribute to imbalance, to chaos? You can’t, then satan fails, the plan fails. The universe can’t function without negativity, without imbalance. Some kind of war or the other is needed. Mind needs negativity to survive, that is why we love to criticize others. A child doesn’t know how to criticize or find faults. He has to learn that from people around him and when he criticizes others his heart gets a little dark, then again, a little more darkness; and it keeps happening until he feels that there is no harm whatsoever in criticizing others for one reason or the other. We have desensitized ourselves so much that we don’t feel bad while criticizing others and calling them names. A little negativity here and there, who cares? Add up all the negativity in billions of hearts, what does it look like? A dark cloud which is eating everyone up. It’s the source of all suffering.

If I can change one law, I will wipe the lower mind out and there will be no dysfunctional thoughts anymore. There will be no attraction in criticizing others. There will be no urge to take advantage of others. There will be no selfishness and greed, no attraction towards negativity. It will be a golden universe, not just a golden age. Everyone will be born in harmony and die in harmony. All distress and diseases will disappear as they are essentially born in mind. We get affected by negativity of those around us without ever realizing it and they get affected by ours, so this is collective Karma playing out. When there is no base mind anymore, there will be no collective Karma and only bliss will remain. Love will remain. Light will remain. Peace will remain.



11 thoughts on “If I Ruled the World…

  1. hello, Anand!

    this is a wonderful post. very well written 🙂

    I agree with you, our negative approach towards everything is the sole cause of all suffering and which is basically caused by the mind.
    I think that we need to understand that everything which exists in this world is in the opposite pairs.

    for day we have night, for light, we have dark so for negativity we have positivity. as long as positivity is there negativity will stay. there is no way to get rid of it. it cannot vanish but can be transformed. I think all the dark sides are the opportunities to make us a better person by transcending them.

    thanks for sharing 🙂

    love and light ❤

    Vikram 🙂

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    1. Light’s opposite is not dark. Darkness is absence of light. Hatred is not opposite of love, it is its absence. Light, love, peace and bliss have no opposites. The opposite of life is not death. Death is the opposite of birth. Life has no opposite.

      Thanks for your kind words and feedback, Vikram 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  2. We have a tendency to force expression rather than relying on our innate intelligence to express itself. Sometimes I question whether the mind interferes with our lives rather than offering guidance to our lives. It is a complex structure integrally designed to work with the entire body to help maximize function. It can not be viewed as a separate intelligence because it relies on the entire body for harmony. When all neurons are firing as designed, it bring a peace and balance to life.

    Your thoughts on ruling the world would make this place a gentler friendlier place to exist. Some call it a dream; I call it a vision of opportunity.

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    1. If mind offers guidance who receives it? If that receiver(self) is known whole problem will be solved.

      Moreover: if mind offers guidance this guidance is not good enough because it is causing more negativity than otherwise. People take delight in criticizing and competing, in finding differences rather than finding similarities or unity which underlies all phenomena.

      Thinking becomes negative because of survival instinct overtaking us. Most of us are acting out of fear and not out of love. If the guidance offered by mind is really guidance then you should be able to use it at will. The thinking should be turned-off when not needed, which is certainly not the case with majority of humanity.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas and kind words. Always a pleasure interacting with you!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  3. I think I would change our nature from one based on survival of the fittest (competition) to survival based on cooperation.

    Remove the competition and you remove the need for status and all its corollary injustices. Add the need to cooperate and you solve almost everything that plagues human civilization.

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    1. The need to cooperate is not to be introduce. It’s a must, but the mind which gravitates to negativity/separation/isolation because of its inherent ego-structure is the cause. I feel in that sense we both need to change the same things and I am happy that our views on it are so similar. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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