Parts Of My Beautiful Life In Around 800 Words !!

My friend Beparwah is struggling in ICU. I came to know about him only through WordPress blog. This post tells that he is also struggling with Blood Cancer. A very sensitive soul and a feminist at heart, he has seen a lot in his life but his vision is great. I pray to God for his recovery and I hope you will also pray for him. I sent an email to know his whereabouts and his doctor Mr. Adil responded that he is not talking to anyone. I hope he gets better soon because many people need his presence. May God give him, his dad and friends a lot of strength.

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

Lost Myself In Search Of You !!

Life is a journey that has a  beginning and an ending. It also has huge accumulation of stories & experiences. Some people realize from their experiences, they learn from it and some don’t for the reason best known to them.

The day before yesterday, I got a call from Secy. of law college, Calcutta university. He asked me to take few more classes as there is a high demand for my lectures from students on the topic called women and law.. A seminar paper for honors students in their final year. (Unbelievable, I thought he must be kidding)

For my students who follow my blog.. Pls look into these points and ponder on the issues with your heart, be a little more sensitive because law demands sensitive people. I will be sharing my own experiences also….

I would not call myself a feminist but in a country where a…

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