A Dozen Reasons to Choose Kindness

This beautiful article by Donna gives you some reasons for practicing kindness. She tells it clearly that there should be no reasons to practice kindness other than knowing that it is the right thing. But our minds which act based on pleasure/pain principle need reasons even for practice right things. Here she gives us twelve reasons to practice kindness, these twelve factors tell how kindness is helpful for gaining better body, mind and life situation overall. Thank you, Donna!

A Year of Living Kindly

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” (Theodore Isaac Rubin)

attribution: Donna CameronThe decision to make kindness a central element in our lives does not automatically imbue us with that important quality. Like so many other things we choose to care about, that’s just the beginning. Practice is required if we want to become proficient. Just as they say you need to practice if you want to play the piano well … or you need to write regularly if you want to be a writer … or you need to practice your swing if you want to shoot par in golf, you also need to strengthen your kindness muscle by using it regularly. The result—eventually—will be that kindness comes naturally and even sometimes effortlessly. That’s the sweet spot.

But, of course, if we’re going to practice something, there needs to be a good…

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