I want a piece of mind



I want a piece of mind


Nothing to fear but fear itself.


He arrived home, inside a coffin.


Are there dragons in this place?


Ashamed of her attraction, she blushes!


She dreams of that day nightly.


Tomorrow let’s wake bright and early!


Love country friends brothers unhappiness.



I don’t watch Game Of Thrones.



 I will find what isn’t lost.



 What an amazing rush, we survived!



 It feels peaceful when we surrender.



 Endless slumber, senseless mystery, wonder thunder!



 Seemingly innocent and charming



 Spread your wing and fly high.



 I am totally confused right now


 Talk to me with your heart



 Drunk from the wine and laughter.


Poetry Corner 13 had 18 entries.
It’s a group event with 6 words per entry.
Please send your entries via email: thinkerv0@gmail.com

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