Globetrotter’s Corner: Travel Guide on South Africa

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South Africa


South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is the southernmost country in Africa. It has 3 capitals – Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria (Administrative) and Bloemfontein (Judicial).

South Africa’s currency is the Rand, which offers visitors great value for money. The Rand comes in a range of coins (R1 = 100 cents) and note denominations of R10, R50, R100.

South Africa has a temperate climate with usually long sunny days.

Entry Requirements:
South Africa requires a valid yellow fever certificate from all foreign visitors and citizens over 1 year of age travelling from an infected area or having been in transit through infected areas.

river canyon The Three Roundavels at Blyde River Canyon. Image Courtesy – Marica (On The Road)

How to Reach

The country has 3 international airports (Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban), 2 international sea ports (Cape Town and Durban) and can also be accessed…

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