One Love Many Names!

Today I was having a discussion about love and friendship with Lauren and Heather in Alumni forum I love discussions, still I feel a lot of energy is wasted in semantics. I have never been accustomed only to dictionary definitions because I am not a robot. Dictionaries might provide a common context for understanding each other but concepts like life, love, god and self are best felt independently and realized without dictionaries. They are not exactly philosophical terms for me but rather parts of mysticism.


One Love

Variety and differentiation is obvious in life. It takes some courage to let go of widely accepted notions and go deeper to see unity instead of variety. I deeply believe that Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu and Jesus are not different deities to be worshipped but rather same divinity expressed in different timezones. They are flowerings of same consciousness.

Similarly I believe there is only one love. It’s the same energy which has created this universe and sustains it. This energy is the expression of the supreme self. There are many forms of love. Love of a human being for another human being which is known as philanthropy. Romantic love, which is the most intense form of love and reason why world keeps going on which includes animal instinct for procreation. Agape love is form of love which is seen in selfless and most generous souls who serve humanity unconditionally and it’s the most selfless and balanced kind of love but not as intense in expression as romantic love. Love of relatives which is most intensely seen in form of love of a mother for a child is also conditional love because it starts with conditions. It is often said in quotes and books that love of a mother for a child is unconditional. It simply means it remains all through the life but it is not absolutely unconditional because it starts with the condition of physical relation.


Romantic, Maternal and Agape Love

Romantic  love is conditional but more intense than maternal love. Romantic love begins with physical or psychological attractions and with changes in the physique, psychological, economical or social dispositions it keeps changing. I shared this quote by Yajnavalkya but it is worth this post so here it is again: 

Then Yajnavalkya said: Verily, not for the sake of the husband, my dear, is the husband loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self which, in its true nature, is one with the Supreme Self. Verily, not for the sake of the wife, my dear, is the wife loved, but she is loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the sons, my dear, are the sons loved, hut they are loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of wealth, my dear, is wealth loved, but it is loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the brahmin, my dear, is the brahmin loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the kshatriya, my dear, is the kshatriya loved, but he is loved for the sake of the self.

Yajur Veda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad II, IV-Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi (I), 5

Verily, not for the sake of the worlds, my dear, are the worlds loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the gods, my dear, are the gods loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the beings, my dear, are the beings loved, but they are loved for the sake of the self. Verily, not for the sake of the All, my dear, is the All loved, but it is loved for the sake of the self. Verily, my dear Maitreyi, it is the Self that should be realized-should be heard of, reflected on, and meditated upon. By the realization of the Self, my dear-through hearing, reflection, and meditation-all this is known.


Absolute Love or Love of Self

Agape love is unconditional and absolute love. It emanates from self which is shining through when drawbacks of personality have been dissolved. Love of Jesus, Buddha or Krishna is not similar to the love of our romantic partner because romantic partner loves you for selfish reasons. His idea of self is very limited whereas Jesus doesn’t see any difference in his own self and you. As it is obvious from the quote above we can’t love anything or anyone more than ourselves. It’s simply impossible. Now you may say, verily I say unto thee I can sacrifice my life for my wife. It’s alright, don’t get excited so soon! I believe you can do so for wife, lover or children and many people have done that but they didn’t really give up themselves. They gave up their limited idea of personality. They ended this temporary existence because it gave them the greatest happiness if their loved ones were happy. But ultimate subject of love always remains the self.

Like trees, black clouds and saints always keep giving. Trees give fruits even when  stones are thrown at them. Clouds give the water they carry and say thank you to trees. This is love. Sages give their whole out of love and feel grateful to those who take because sages don’t see any difference between themselves and others. Giving others is giving themselves.


Friendship is Love!

I see only one love in different forms and this love is essentially about sharing and giving. Sharing and giving are synonymous terms. Friendship is also a form of love because it is about sharing your energy. You like to spend time with friends, respect them, share ideas and help each other. This is positive and out of love. Similarly you share things, care and help your romantic partner. Some people want to reserve word love for their romantic partners. It’s none of my business if they do but in my opinion love is the same. You spend two minutes with some people and call it friendship and you spend twenty years with another and call it love. I see the play of same energy called love. In the ultimate calculation of things this material existence is temporary and hence a life-time and an hour are both limited in amount. You spent more time with some people and called it love and less time with some people and called it friendship. Romantic love is more intense and friendship is not that intimate still they are varying degrees of sharing and giving of the same energy called love.

So if your heart is open you love stranger and a dog equally and you love a friend and call it friendly love. You love your husband or wife and call it certificate love. You love your romantic partner and call it romantic love. You love your mother and daughter and call it parental or maternal love. You love god, self and humanity and call it philanthropy and agape love. There is no use in dissecting terms and saying that friendship is not love. It is merely ego playing games to create differences to delude you and hide under various cloaks. Simplicity leads towards unity and harmony. I would love to hear your ideas about love and friendship. Let me know via comments!


34 thoughts on “One Love Many Names!

  1. What I understand about love is -प्रेमराग.
    Compassion, compatibility, friendship, harmony and being comfortable with someone is love for me. care and concern comes automatically.

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  3. I liked reading your thoughts on love, Anand. I agree that when you are open, you love and you are able to love equally, be it a friend or a tree. Also, love for others is an outpouring of yourself. You love others because you cannot contain the fullness….
    I hope what I said makes sense 😀

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    1. Perfect sense! You have a great understanding of it. Some friends said that ‘friendship’ has no love. That you don’t share any love with friends. Then I wondered what they thought it was based on? Must be some dry energy from another universe lol because all relations here(positive ones) are based on only one energy–love, period 🙂

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  4. Oh my! That picture on the lake took my breath away. They must have used some kind of filter or Photo Shopped it to get those colors. I liked what you said about seeing unity instead of variety (which we always thing is the ultimate good thing – diversity). Gave me great food for thought.

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    1. Yes, I love that picture too. Maybe they are natural colors? I think it is a wallpaper or something. Wonderful colors. I feel unity in diversity is the truth which helps in co-existence and truth is singular because reality and essence has to be from one truth. 🙂

      Have a great weekend 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  5. beingmepresently

    As always Anand you have managed to put my thoughts into words so eloquently. 🙂

    I have always believed that the term ‘God’ comes from the same place and that it is just different cultures who have made it there own. It’s almost like Chinese whispers.

    For me, ‘God’ is within you and is one and the same as ‘love’. When you can love all with an open heart I feel this is when you can become enlightened. X

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  6. Anand,

    I had never heard about agape love. That was a new term. I also saw something there- certificate love. I found that really funny. I do believe that friendship is love. It’s also a fact that no friendship can exist without love. It’s just word-play.


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    1. Thanks Sandeept!

      I am glad you found that term and also found some fun in the mockery of marriage. I am glad to hear that at least someone feels no shame in calling friendship love 🙂

      In USA there is increasing fear of males touching males, even when it is friendly. I saw a message circulating on FB which highlights this. It is a shame that homophobia has deprived many men of genuine friendly love 🙂

      It was on a related note. In the discussion on forum I felt that there was much apprehension in admitting that friendship is also love. That is why I felt like writing on it. 🙂

      How is the situation at Nepal border now?

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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      1. Tense, I guess. Not in many places, though. It’s becoming complicated to understand why they have been staying at the border, which I guess can make a case of crime. Essential goods, fuel and medicines have been stopped on the Indian side across all the custom entrances- even where there is no protests going on. Sorry to say this, most people believe that the Indian government is trying to rule Nepal through the protest. But we can’t be sure. There is lack of transparency from both Nepal and India. Like I said in earlier post, it’s a situation of communication gap. It is also a revelation of weaknesses of our government since the last thirty years.

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        1. Oh I am sorry to hear that. I really don’t have any great affinity for any governments. All people are my people. Nepal and India are same for me. It is true that conspiracy theorists keep thinking like that and there might be truth in that too. You know some Indian people think that China is using Nepal’s strategic locations. So such talks keep happening. I hope this situation improves soon as many people are suffering because of this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

          Love and light ❤

          Anand 🙂

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          1. We say the world has become a global village, thanks to the Internet. But nationalities give us identifications. That’s what people all over the world want. Leaders are more ambitious and want more name and fame (Power?). They are the ones who create problems between people of different nationalities, races, and religions. Otherwise, like you said, people are people. They want to live and let live. Nothing else.
            And my sympathies to those who suffered due to the torrents in Tamil Nadu. Hope the situation improves there as well.

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            1. Hunger for power makes us blind to suffering. It is inherent weakness of human mind. Thanks for your wishes. It is not been so torrential in Chennai since last 100 years they say. People are helping each other and I am praying for them 🙂

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