True Detective Season 2

I liked the season one better. I am going to keep this post as short as possible. First disliking something and then telling others why you disliked it is something I don’t like. That’s why you will find that most of the discussions on movies and TV on this blog are about those which I admired. You will mostly read positive things about them, so they are more like recommendations than reviews. If I like a movie/TV show I had a good experience with it and by sharing that experience I do two things–I create a possibility of making someone else feel similar and also create a note which I might read someday later on and relive the experience a bit.

The season one had a wonderful chemistry between two detectives. Matthew Mcconaughey was new to me but he was amazing and I instantly liked his performance, his character and its bonding with Woody Harrelson’s . The plot was intriguing and twisted and dark but conclusive. The element of mystery was substantial. I liked the theme song of season one.

I liked the theme song of this season too, though it also has nothing to do with the story. Here it’s if you want to listen:


This season had strong star cast but the plot was not as substantial. Oh I forgot to tell you, True Detective’s seasons are not related with each other at all! They were trying to make a watergate scandal but they couldn’t. Some people didn’t like melancholic songs in the bar with a guitar by a lady who looks depressed but I did. I feel this season had its moments but on the whole it failed. The conclusion was dismal and it looked more like I was watching a boring film with so many cliches. The mighty Frank who is untouchable for some mysterious reasons meets his Karma and so does Velcoro ( who by the way was only well developed character!) Some detectives who look compromised work to unravel a mystery and they do only to get caught by it themselves. This season gets 6 points out of 10.

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2 thoughts on “True Detective Season 2

  1. I’ve hear similar comments from other people who have watched it. I haven’t watched Season 2, but I liked Season 1 so much, I didn’t want to be disappointed.
    I like your idea of posting positive things. Sometimes, we post negative or luke warm reviews of different things, but not often, and we always try to find something we like about the particular thing we are reviewing. I did start a draft of a negative review of Walking Dead just because I was so angry with the way it’s turning out. Rather than posting it with a hothead, I let myself cool off a bit. I’ll probably still post it eventually, but heavily edited so it’s not so entirely negative.

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    1. Yes, I agree. It’s better to talk about good things. But sometimes we might talk about bad things because we want to help other people. In case of films and TV it is more about preferences, we don’t necessarily want to save other people but rather want to vent out because they were not up to our expectation. So I feel I let it go by not wasting any more time on something I didn’t like in the first place 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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