Horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan!

Amitabh Bachchan is a legendary Bollywood actor and celebrity. Let’s see what strengths and weaknesses in his horoscope are worth being studied.


Courtesy: Astrosage.com
Courtesy: Astrosage.com



Lagna and Navamsa Charts

Amitabh has Aquarius ascendant in an infant state( 1 degree 50 minutes.) The lagna lord Saturn is the strongest planet in the chart but it’s retrograde suggesting some twisted Karma. Mars is weak, in sign of enemy in the lagna and debilitated in the Navamsa. These factors suggest that he doesn’t have a great health and he has been suffering from blood disorders. The eighth house has conglomeration of four planets in the sign Virgo. I have observed a stellium in Virgo in charts of Dev Anand and Jack Nicholson along with some other actors, which makes me wonder if Virgo stelliums is a common feature for actors. 

The Venus is debilitated in the stellium. A weak Venus can’t make someone a wonderful artist or actor. Then how come Amitabh is such a great actor and artist? Venus is getting cancellation of debility as it’s situated with Mercury who is lord of Virgo. Also, Venus is in its own sign in the navamsa thus giving double strength to cancellation. Planets for which cancellation of debility happens become more strong than exalted planets, provided cancellation is strong. Venus is very strong in Amitabh’s chart making him a great actor. Mercury on the other hand, despite being in its exaltation sign is not that strong though it appears to be strong. Mercury and its sign Virgo is methodical, that is why it might be a common highlight in charts of method actors.

Another strong feature is Jupiter which is very strong in his chart. Jupiter is exalted both in his navamsa and radix and hence very strong. It makes him charitable, learned, polite and benevolent. Four planets in the twelfth house from Moon give rise to benefic Anapha Yoga, thus making him very charitable, majestic and artistic.

Karakamsa Lagna

Amitabh Bachchan-chart (1)
Courtesy: Astrosage.com

Atmakaraka Sun is its own sign. Jupiter is exalted in the twelfth house with debilitated Mars which made him invest and spend more than he had once and caused debt for him. Wearing gem of Saturn(blue sapphire) enabled him to strengthen it, gain more discipline and pay all the debt back which had incurred because of expansive Jupiter Karma. Saturn along with Rahu is located in the eleventh house and gives him gains being a lagna lord. Venus in the tenth house in its own house is strong and makes him intelligent, strong, sagacious and wealthy, especially in field of cinema and arts. Since he has good marriage Karma his wife is a genteel lady who has been of much help to him both in his work and domestic environment.




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