An Open Letter To Writers And Poets Of Yore..!

This post by Deeksha is beautifully written and every line seems inspired! Her love for literature and writers is appraent. Thanks, Deeksha!

Jot the Thought!

Hello everybody..!

This is the first time I’m writing this sort of thing.. Hope you like it..!

Hola there..!
Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and cheer.. Congratulations on succeeding in entertaining us all with your enchanting and wondrous writing skills..Now, to the point..

The world is dragging on a cheerless existence, only brightened up by your great pieces of written work. Yes, it’s true..! You bunch of authors and poets are revered even today..! It’s frightening to think how boring our English classes would be, without your plays, books and poems to enrapture us. You may not be amidst us today for real. But, a part of you still lives on in your work, which we pore over, in search of something to satiate our intellect and rejuvenate our souls. Your unconventional style of writing, your supreme command over…

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