Heroes of Adversity!

All heroes are heroes of adversity, calamity and disorders. There are no heroes of peace, equality and justice. In peace, equality and justice there is no need of courage, valour and magnanimity. What makes a hero?

Having lived in India heroes for me were Rama, Hanuman, Krishna, Arjuna, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Tipu Sultan, Akbar, Chanakya, Pandavas, Nehru, Ambedkar, Tilak, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, Meera, Chaitanya, Nanak, Kabir, Jesus and many others.Β 


What makes these people different from ordinary people like me? I live peacefully and I am ordinary. I don’t have any aspirations of leaving any legacy and I am happy to be ordinary. These people were born in extraordinary circumstances with extraordinary destinies. Maybe you need not agree on circumstances, but they made extraordinary choices which were full of courage and based on great human values of kindness, love, justice and sacrifice. Take Rama or Hanuman, for example, they are heroes of epic Ramayana. They are also among most worshipped deities in India. What makes them so revered? Their extraordinary love for truth and indomitable faith and courage along with sacrifices they made for these. Rama lost his father, kingdom and then wife; wandered from place to place in dire circumstance; fought with so many demons and had so many difficulties to tackle all his life. Krishna killed 5 demons when he was barely 5 months old and kept fighting battles–small and big all his life. Krishna’s life was most adventurous of all–so this might make another post–why he was greatest of avataras of Vishnu or Swayam Bhagwan.

Pandavas had to bear innumerable pains and they barely enjoyed fruits of the grand battle of Mahabharata which was a plan of Krishna-who was time(death) the greatest devourer who came to lighten the weight off the earth. Gandhi is a recent event and a historical figure, unlike Rama, Krishna and Pandavas, his life account is quite authentic, yet you see him fighting against difficulties all his life. Jesus had a small life in which he kept fighting against darkness and sacrificed himself for the love of mankind. His sacrifice is considered to be the foundation of the greatest religion on planet today. Lincoln had to fight against so many difficulties all his life. He was born in indigent circumstances and strived hard towards top echelons and became one of the greatest and most inspiring figures ever.


Heroes live difficult lives. You might have wondered sometimes that in best superhero films some of the cities live peacefully until a superhero start acting against evil. It seems that things were quite normal before he came into the picture. It seems he attracted evil towards the city or country. It’s a twisted idea and the truth which was to be portrayed is that heroes somehow synchronize with adversities. You can’t find a Gandhi in India today because there is no colonial british empire to fight against. Someone who tries to mimic Gandhi and follow his lifestyle blindly will not be considered a hero but rather Β a follower who might not be as wise. Today’s problems are different. A Gandhi is created by a giant oppressing regime and Martin Luther King is needed when there is discrimination based on skin color. Heroes don’t live peaceful lives. Maybe they are at great peace in their hearts because they fulfil their destinies and serve mankind but they have to keep fighting and working all their lives. Heroes are people who are mostly born in difficult circumstances and work their way against all odds. Some of us are born in favorable circumstances and yet instead of lending a helping hand to our fellow human beings who need it, we keep complaining about state of affairs, about why world is such an unfair place. This is what differentiates heroes from me. Though I don’t complain, I don’t have the courage to fight against all odds, to make world a better place to live!



26 thoughts on “Heroes of Adversity!

      1. Lol…I would definitely be too shy to wear a lovely spandex Marvel Avenger suit. But, I do imagine myself to be called the ‘Principal of Fun School’ and my nick-name is Red…so perhaps a red suit with matching sneakers to run around & have fun in all day! Hugs Super-Friend!


  1. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful post. Yes, heroes rise to the times, but some of their lessons are timeless- as are the struggles they fight. Corruption and colonialism haven’t really ended, so Ghandi’s words still resonate, racism has far from ended, so MLKs voice is still needed. Most of us are followers – in the footsteps of our heroes – and that is a good thing. MLK made me a better person, I think. so he is still alive and relevant.

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    1. I am not saying that they become irrelevant. I was saying that each situation is both cyclic and unique. If someone follows into footsteps of a hero that is well and good as long as he understands the context and the values–but blindly following without realizing the need of the hour will lead to a waste of energy and resources. Thanks for your thought provoking response Velissima. Always a pleasure πŸ™‚


  2. Interesting thoughts. I am looking for a modern day hero who is willing break the cycle of greed and selfishness. For instance, here in the U.S., ethics and character are personal traits of the past. Politicians and religious leaders only work for issues that benefit themselves. They also think they are above a certain reasonable code of conduct. The wealthy no longer want to protect the middle class that built this country. How about providing medical care and quality food for the poor? What about helping the mentally ill? OK, I’m digressing and could go on and on with more examples. Anyway, people think I’m crazy for supporting issues that don’t benefit me directly. That’s what society has come to. Please, heroes, Come forth!

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    1. Oh that comment is certainly very thoughtful and I don’t think anyone should call it crazy. Truly craziness is living selfishless for only our body and mind and immediate relatives while we know we are all one life and it will all soon end. So why not be kind to each other and help as much as possible?

      Your comment is really appreciated here. Thank you so much Mrs. Jung.

      Have a lovely week ahead πŸ™‚

      Love and light ❀

      Anand πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you for this post today…I needed it as I am sorting out deep within me who and what I am, and this really helped me to get to where I need/ want to be…just me with inner peace, love and joy and somehow, let everyone else be who they need/want to be…have a blessed day and thank you…

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