How To Judge Best Spiritual Practice From Horoscope!

I have studied a few charts of devotees, renunciates, yogis, spiritual gurus and saints. Based on my studies I have delineated certain patterns conducive to spiritual practices. This might be useful for you if you take an interest in both Astrology and Spirituality.



Who am I? Is the ultimate question and mantra in field of self-inquiry as it burns all other thoughts, questions and ideas ultimately burning itself as well in the end. This is Jnana Yoga and a grim determination along with discrimination and detachment are requirements for advancing on this path. Strong Sun and Mercury can make it easier for a native to delve deep into self-inquiry. 



Hatha Yoga

Strong Mars and Jupiter might suggest a yogi who can easily advance on path of Hatha Yoga which needs a great physical and mental stamina and discipline. Eighth house and sixth house should be fortified along with ascendant to master the discipline.

Surati Shabd Yoga

Meditation on sound and light vibrations is known as Surati Shabd Yoga. An initiate learns a special mantra from a master and uses it to calm down the mind. Then he focuses on sounds and light vibrations inside his body and his consciousness expands. Strong Mars is needed since energy moves and Jupiter gives the grace of the guru. Mercury will also help in concentrating on vibrations. Twelfth house and fifth house should be fortified. 


Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Tao

North node(Rahu) and South node(Ketu) of Moon should be well disposed for Kundalini Yoga. Mars(movement of energy) should be strong for Kundalini too and Saturn should be strong for great understanding of laws of Tao and Tantra. Tao and Tantra are similar in some aspects and they are based on some laws of nature. Eighth, tenth and eleventh house should be strong.


Mantra Yoga

There is a dictum in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra which suggests that two malefics in trikonas(5th or 9th) from Karakamsa give power of mantras or mantra siddhi. The native will use it for welfare of others or selfish gains based on the aspects or associations to such yogakaraka planets. Strong fifth house, Mercury and Mars confer power of mantras. Grace of guru is obtained if Jupiter is strong. 



Bhakti Yoga and Prayers

Devotees need to be selfless. Strong 12th house and 12th lord are very supportive of devotion. Strong 5th house and 5th lord also help in prayers and devotion. Strong Moon, Jupiter and Mars help devotion.


Karma Yoga

Strong 10th house, strong Sun, Mars and Saturn suggest that a native will be a Karma Yogi. Such a native needs to serve humanity to advance spiritually. 

Dharma Rituals Yoga

Strong Jupiter, 9th house and 9th lord will help a native and make him charitable. He will get advantage from following scriptures and rituals of the culture in which he is born.

It’s true that most charts will show an amalgamation of these factors and it will suggest that a native needs to take help from many paths. A major strength in a particular field will suggest that native can advance rapidly by taking that course and be saved from confusion though it is also true that life is the eternal guru and trusting it never misleads us. 


15 thoughts on “How To Judge Best Spiritual Practice From Horoscope!

    1. There lies your answer. Our self is the highest guru and our intuition is the way in which it speaks. If we are alert and sensitive we can’t miss the inner voice. Just follow it. Astrology does help as an intuitive tool but inner voice is more important. Since you find an inclination towards Karm Yoga–that is the path for you. Selfless service is a beautiful pathway which makes universe a better place to live and our own life becomes a paradise. If you are interested I can look into your horoscope too. 🙂 have a great weekend Deb, thanks for the visit 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  1. I love the astrologers that combine both astrology and spirituality, I have found a few and they are the ones I resonate with, I just found out I have a 29 degrees in my chart, and with that info it completed many missing pieces to my life, it was like a marvelous gift…

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