Horoscope of Baba Ramdev!


Baba Ramdev is a spiritual leader who has popularized Yoga in India and West by using electronic media in the twenty first century. Let’s examine his chart and see what makes him a stalwart in field of Yoga.

Birth Data used: 25 Dec 1964. 20:24 PM. Mahendragarh(Haryana)

Courtesy: Astrosage.com



Cancer ascendant rises with 17′ 29” in the eastern horizon. The lagna is young and gives strength to the chart while lagna lord Moon is situated in the seventh house with exalted Mars and Venus. These three are giving aspect to the ascendant making him a charismatic personality. Cancer natives are sensitive, respect elders and motherland and also travel a lot. Exalted Mars in the seventh house gives rise Ruchaka Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. It makes him a leader and a yogi. Chandra-Mangala yoga makes him an inventive entrepreneur, especially because it’s situated in the seventh house of business and partnerships. 

Retrograde Jupiter being lord of the sixth situated in the twelfth house gives rise to Vipareeta Rajyoga. He was not only able to fight his congenital disorders and heal himself but also helped millions of people get healed by using Yoga and Ayurveda. 

Baba Ramdev-chart
Courtesy: Astrosage.com



Atmakaraka Mercury rises in the Navamsa which is Jaimini Rajyoga. Atmakaraka being in the Sagittarius Navamsa suggests a role model who carries forward values. This also suggests a fall from height or conveyances( might be taken in a literal or figurative sense!) as per BPHS and Jaimini Sutras. Moon in the fifth house from Atmakaraka suggests singing ability and he is indeed interested in singing devotional and patriotic songs.

Krishnamurti Significators

Most of the planets in his chart signify 5th, 6th and the 8th houses. Fifth house suggests creativity and genius for a native who is a renunciate and he has indeed shown some breathing techniques and Ayurveda in a new light. The sixth house suggests many things but for him it especially shows diseases and disorders which he has successfully fought using Yoga and Ayurveda. The eighth house might signify self-transformation or alchemy using Yoga here. 

Auspicious Yogas

Karmasiddhi Yoga

Tenth lord Mars is with benefics Moon and Venus, and exalted in a kendra(seventh house.) This yoga suggests that efforts of native bear fruits. 

Bharathi Yoga

The fifth house lord Mars is situated in the Navamsa of Jupiter which is the ninth house lord. This gives rise to auspicious yoga which makes him a popular scholar of repute with interest in music.

Saturn is the strongest planet in his chart followed by lagna lord Moon and Karma lord Mars. Moon being in Saturn’s sign has created Pravrajya Yoga because Saturn is exceptionally strong and aspected only by weak Jupiter which is retrograde. 


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      1. He tells me to… And I do, on occasion… When I do, I feel the benefits… But i don’t donit often enough!!!
        It helped my Pops so much!
        He has even had his own TV show off the back of his skills and patience when teaching!
        It’s on a Sikh Channel here in the UK!

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