I Can’t Stay Mad at You!

I Can’t Stay Mad at You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


I believe in forgive and forget. When I perceive an injustice it does make me unsettled but the perception involves me seeing that there are innumerable causes behind it. The person who is doing something wrong, either to me or to someone else is merely an instrument. The darkness inside the person is not really his choice. There are no evil persons in the world. Darkness is the absence of light, so everyone is inherently good because everyone is made of light. Their psyche is overpowered by darkness and they suffer more than the people who suffer because of them.

This is one side. Another side is, acceptance. If I totally take the responsibility for my situation and believe that it is test for me, for my patience and whatever happens to me happens because somehow I carry seeds for its fruition, there remains no need of even forgiving anyone because they are not the reason behind my pain and suffering. Forgiving is a better choice if you don’t understand Karma too. If you are without conflict you can sleep better and live more peacefully. With heavy heart you can neither sleep well nor function fully. Forgiving is good and forgetting conflict is also good, but we should learn our lessons too. This is what is meant by being sensitive. If you learn your lessons your wisdom might help you and many others in future. Forgiving people who have darkness and as many times as it is needed doesn’t mean that you don’t have boundaries. You need to keep your distance from some people or situations to be at peace and this is wisdom. Recklessness is not kindness.


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