Like gravity is love is love!

Why an arrow? Because love hurts. 

Silly little boy plays with arrows 

He makes her feel so special 

Love all you have to give! 

I want to feel your skin 

Wandering, wondering, I’ve come to you 

Holidays come, holidays go, bah humbug!


Never have my arms held you 

Admire her, he did! Most ardently!

Her heart opens to his touch. 

If we live without, we’re inhuman. 

A brittle heart softened by love… 

Moonlight, shared kisses, Heart sings music. 

Eros’ target became his love obsession. 

Passion for life overcomes all things. 

Love’s like the sun in winter 

It’s neither gain, nor it’s loss!

Like gravity is love is love. 




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17 thoughts on “Like gravity is love is love!

      1. Hey there Anand, yes we celebrate Thanksgiving in October and Americans celebrate it in November. 🙂 All is well here, still no snow yet…. Nice to hear from you too, I will have to send you my next entry soon. Love and Light to you too 🙂

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