Analyze This and Analyze That!

This is a set of films which tickles you. A mafia boss is suffering from anxiety disorders and visits a psychiatrist. Well, you might have seen The Sopranos and might already have an idea. The first film and The Sopranos got released almost at the same time. I wonder if this was more than just a synchronicity. I started watching The Sopranos a few years ago under the impression that it was a comedy show but got bored very soon with the protagonist who was gut-wrenchingly annoying! I realized that it was not a comedy after all and that was the reason why he seemed so violent and cruel to me.


Robert De Niro was much better than James Gandolfini, and James is not to be blamed because films were a comedy. After having finished watching the second film I looked up the IMDb rating for both the films and was surprised to see that the second film was rated lower than the first one. The reason, as obvious as it seems might have been the popularity of Sopranos which adversely affected the second film which was released in 2002, 3 years after the first one.

I liked watching both of the films but the second film made me burst out with laughter many times. The moment the scene in the chinese restaurant started and Raoul was brought into the picture with his high act I started feeling as if I was in the surreal world of Tony Scott’s True Romance again! No one was trying to make any sense anymore. The eerie world of True Romance lasted quite longer than this one with many strange scenes, still this film did something magical after the chinese restaurant and made you feel that this is the reason cinema is loved. Though both of the films have their moments, the second one is certainly a great comedy. 


Both Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal have done amazing job but I felt the overall cast and soundtrack were better for the second film. The kind of talent Lisa Kudrow has got might have been justified better had her roles been longer, especially the role in the second film. The first film had some serious notes and pointed edges which were totally deleted and erased for the second film and made it an uncanny rhapsody of disproportionate proportions. [ Am I making any sense any longer!]


12 thoughts on “Analyze This and Analyze That!

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    1. Oh I don’t understand how you relate it with child’s marriage because it is more about a mafia boss and a miserable psychiatrist 🙂 Thanks for your visit!

      Have a great week ahead 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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      1. After checking with IMDB, I think I’m mixing it up with another De Niro movie called Meet the Parents in which he played an ex-CIA agent who tests his would-be son-in-law. I haven’t seen this movie either, only the trailers, so I seem to have muddled them. Apologies for my confusion. 🙂

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