Three Moksha Houses and Signs!

Moksha is a Sanskrit/Hindi word which stands for liberation. Buddhist term Nirvana has slightly different meaning but the essence is same. Those who follow the path of devotion might understand it as merging into the supreme personality of godhead. Those who follow Vedanta might take it to be realization of Self. Moksha or liberation means there are no more future births and even this borth has become full of light and peace. In Astrology, fourth, eighth and the twelfth house are observed for spirituality and liberation. Similarly signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are examined in various nativities for the same.


You might have observed that all three are watery signs. Water is the most mysterious and intuitive of all elements. Water nourishes life and life was born and nourished primarily in water. Water still covers a great part of earth and human body and it’s a main ingredient in sustaining almost all life on earth. The research for life in the outer space is primarily geared to look for water because of the same reason.

Let’s observe the three moksha signs/houses

The Fourth House( Cancer/Moon)

This is the first in the moksha houses. The fourth house in general is a domain for home, mind, peace, mother, vehicles, house, land and happiness. It is important to have a strong fourth house for peace of mind. Benefic planets affecting the fourth house suggest that native will have a peaceful disposition. Many planets in the sign Cancer or this house may suggest an inclination towards attaining peace. An active Cancer/Fourth house horoscope suggests that there is a movement towards natural genius(Fifth/Leo.) Moon is the natural significator of the fourth house and sign Cancer. Any benefic or planets in exaltation being placed in the fourth house suggests a native with a very clean heart who stays away from secrecy and hypocrisy. Cancer is a movable water sign so this suggests an initiation of spirituality.

The Eighth House( Scorpio/Mars)

The second moksha house is a house ruled by Mars which is not as soft a planet as Moon who is the ruler of the fourth; therefore this house suggests a strong movement of energy. The eighth house signifies longevity, accidents, scandals, tantra, self-transformation, legacies and sudden things. This is more energy than one can usually deal with and causes upheaval. A strong eighth house or many planets in the sign Scorpio might suggest strong energy active towards the self-transformation which leads to the higher dharma(Sagittarius/9th house.) Scorpio is a stable water sign and has immense power over emotions that is why it is known for its intrigue and manipulation. Mars being the ruler of this house the movements are not as soft as in the first moksha house.

The Twelfth House( Pisces/Jupiter)

The final house of liberation stands for hidden things, bed pleasures, dreams, meditation, deities, foreign places and universal consciousness. Pisces is a watery and dual sign which suggests end of all things. The end is always a beginning too. The end here means beginning somewhere else so the placement of many planets in the sign Pisces or Twelfth house suggests a strong movement towards Self(Aries/house 1.) Jupiter being the ruler of this sign and natural significator of this house suggests that divine wisdom is available here and dissolution of rigid personality is taking place for higher self to emerge.

In various nativities prominent 4th, 8th and 12th houses will signify emphasis on Meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Devotion and Prayer. For devotion and prayer the twelfth house is important. It’s also important for visions and dreams. For self-transformation, tantra and healing the 8th house is most important. Whereas for education, scriptural learning, spirituality and Yogic discipline the 4th house is most important.


19 thoughts on “Three Moksha Houses and Signs!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Anand,

    Thanks for Sharing this info. It was a great article. I am very much into understanding life and existence and I am getting drawn towards spiritualism recently. But the hard part is I am unable to focus and control my mind on meditation. Let me know if I can share my birth Chart with you which shall help me understand about this life and journey.


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    1. Thank you. I’ve stopped examining birth charts. As with any other practice, spiritual practice needs discipline, dedication and patience. I wish you very best 🙂


    1. Hahaha, that’s sun-sign! I would love to see you birth chart someday. What makes you a born wanderer and all…do share your birth details with me via mail when you are comfortable 🙂

      Have a great week ahead 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


    1. Yes my friend. “read more” tag is there in the new post editor–the last button below “Visual.” If you add it in posts they will come like this 🙂

      I used Lovecraft theme.

      You can customize the sidebar widgets and then you will get this look.

      Please let me know if you need help on any of these. You can also visit the Alumni forum which is similar to Commons and get help :

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    1. You need to separetly talk about these. I knew that you were going ask this, somehow. Maybe clairvoyance or intuition or something else. I knew my answer too. Family, work and relatives are your top priorities and then meditation. The 12th house comes many times in your house significators but 2nd, 10th and 3rd come more than that. Karma Yoga ( selfless service) is the most suitable path for you. 🙂

      I write regularly about Astrology. It’s you who is missing from action 😛 Busy busy. I know 😀


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