Let’s Start at the Very…Middle!

In this post, Pam beautifully shows that you need not waste your time trying to find the perfect beginning. Just go with the flow and let all you know out on the paper or the post editor. Then, you can work back on a beautiful opening sentence/paragraph once you have said all you wanted to say. She has also given a few easy techniques to make your opening attractive. Reading this article will help you write better. Thank you, Pam!

Blogger's World!

“I don’t know where to start,” said Sheena glumly.

She was trying to get going on her descriptive essay.  She had a choice: she could describe the area where she did her studying–her desk, her bed, the kitchen table, WHEREVER; she could paint a verbal picture of the hands of someone dear to her, revealing, though that glimpse, much about the person; or she could write about a tree, and make us SEE that tree, different and unique from all others.

Sheena had picked her topic: she was writing about her grandmother’s hands.  And she had a lot to say.  Those hands had practically raised her.  They had bathed her, restrained her, and, once in a very great while, spanked her. Those hands had rested on her brow when she was feverish; they had proffered carefully wrapped Christmas gifts.  They had grasped a wooden spoon and beaten batter for birthday cakes. Sheena…

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