Atmakaraka in Sagittarius and Pisces!

Jupiter is the greatest benefic among all planets in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces signs. Both of them are dual in nature but Sagittarius is fiery and Pisces is watery.

Atmakaraka is the planet which has highest degrees in any sign in a birth chart. It’s the planet suggesting mission of a birth. Atmakaraka placement in the subtler ninth division of radix chart suggests some pronounced tendencies for various nativities.jupiter-980x420

Two such placements i. e. Atmakaraka in Sagittarius and in Pisces have intrigued me for some time and I have kept observing them in all charts I have found. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is the classic treatise by sage Parashara and Jaimini Sutras were written by his pupil Jaimini. Both of them suggest that Atmakaraka placement in Sagittarius suggests a fall from a conveyance or a height. They also suggest that Atmakaraka in the Pisces suggests a native doing meritorious deeds and then getting final emancipation.


In many horoscopes I have studied so far, I have observed that Sagittarius placement suggests role models. Sagittarius is the ninth sign. Ninth house is house of Dharma(religion.) Sagittarius is the fiery sign which inspires change in society for greater good and it is exuberant. It’s office of Jupiter. The placement suggests many religious leaders or leaders who carry forward spiritual values. 

 Pisces is not only a watery sign but also the final sign in Moksha or liberation signs. It suggests end of all things. In most mythologies deluges suggest end of times. Pisces is a more relaxed sign of Jupiter and apart from emancipation also suggests dreams, visions, meditation and parenting. Pisces placement of Atmakaraka suggests some ripe souls who are inclined to do meritorious deeds and when radix chart also supports they might become cultural icons. 



19 thoughts on “Atmakaraka in Sagittarius and Pisces!

  1. premsank

    Hi Anand, You seem to be interested in so many things! I believe in astrology but have little knowledge of how it works. I can say that it fascinates me. It was nice reading your blog though I have not heard of atma karaka. May be I will learn more by reading your blogs!

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    1. Thanks Shivani. Is that your Rashi, Ascendant or Sun sign? My sun-sign is Sagittarius. If you are curious I can tell you more about your chart. You need to send your birth details via mail. I will save your data for my research if you obliged 🙂

      My mail ID is:

      Have a lovely weekend 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  2. FashionSane

    Hi Anand, I came across your blog via blogging 101. At first I thought you are the moderator along with Michelle but later realized you belong to the alumini. Its amazing to see how you have been helping new bloggers on the block. Your feedback’s are very constructive and relevant. Would be great if you could look through my blog i.e and share your views. I do have a facebook page as well i.e ( a like would be much appreciated:).

    I like you consolidation topics and would suggest to read Devdutt Pattanaik books. They talk about spirituality with a breath of fresh air.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words my friend. I have liked the FB page. I also subscribed to your blog via mail but didn’t get the confirmation mail.Thanks for the recommendation on spirituality!

      Thanks for your kind visit 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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