Music Monday Challenge 6!

I am taking Music Monday challenge hosted by Kat at OH, Hello!

The rules are simple:


  • Create a post featuring music you want to share every Mondays
  • Share your favorite music with me by giving me(Kat) a pingback
  • Or if you are feeling extra lazy, just comment below with your song choice…but don’t be lazy!
  • Share everywhere by using the hashtag #MusicMondays and by following the tag Music Mondays on your readers
  • This is a week long event and I would love to see your music suggestions even if it’s not Monday!


Goriya Kahan Tera Desh

[ I am sorry, since new post editor doesn’t support embedding video, you need to click on the link above to listen the song and watch the video. Thanks.]


This week’s song :

Movie: Caravan
Music Director: R D Burman

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Singers: Asha Bhosle , Mohammed Rafi





8 thoughts on “Music Monday Challenge 6!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Anand! I have no idea what they are singing about but I love the music and the beat! The video is superb plus the dancing! I’ll admit this is the first time I have watched and listened to Hindi music but your choice did not disappoint. Thank you so much sharing. 😀


  3. Love Hindi music! I don’t understand what is being said but the singing and the beat always convey the emotion of the song:) Looks like it is a fun movie and I enjoy the dances! Plus, the women are absolutely stunning!

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