Hora: An Excellent Technique For Planning Schedules


Hora stands for ‘hour.’ It’s one of the most easy to implement techniques of Astrology. It’s used to find out auspicious times in day, in order to take decisions. It takes hardly ten minutes to master its yields however might be long lasting. 


Lunar Constellations

Every hour of every day of week is ruled by a planet. What it means is: Jyotisha stresses that every hour of the day has a distinct type of energy which affects all conscious beings. You might be familiar with Nakshatras-lunar mansions, which are constellations through which Moon transits. They are 27 in total and Moon takes 27 days to travel through all of them. In order to understand practical usage of Nakshatra approach—let’s take an example: Jyotishi suggest that you should not lend or borrow money when Moon is in Mula Nakshatra. It’s considered that Mula has negative binding energy which doesn’t let debts get dissolved, which is not good for anyone giving loans or borrowing it.

Swati Nakshatra on the other hand is considered auspicious for trading activities. 

The Hora Approach!

The Hora approach is even more minute considering every hour of day and common for everyone in the sense that it doesn’t take into consideration Moon sign or Major/Minor periods. The learned people however will take into the account the sign through which Moon transits along with its relation to their natal Moon. When this is combined with Hora, Minor, Major and Sub periods–it becomes a classical powerful method to decide best time for all activities.

Hora technique is especially good for deciding auspicious times for leaving your home for journey, for buying things, trade and business deals. It’s especially good for those subjects who are troubled by recurring accidents, traffic and quarrels.


This easy to implement approach is as follows:

1. Find out the local time of Sunrise and Sunset etc for your locality. For example: Sun rise today in Bangalore was at 6:05 AM in morning in Bangalore.

2. Pay attention to this cyclic order and note it down; if possible, memorize it: {{{Sun—>Venus—>Mercury—>Moon—>Saturn—>Jupiter—->Mars—->Sun}}} 

3. Every day is owned by a planet–for example: Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, Saturn rules Saturday etc.

4. The first hour, when Sun rises is ruled by the day lord: For example: Today is Wednesday–that is why Mercury rules the time 6:05 AM to 7:05 AM.

Moon rules 7:05 AM to 8:05 AM.

Saturn rules 8:05 AM to 9:05 AM.

Jupiter rules 9:05 AM to 10:05 AM.

And so and so on.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are natural benefics, though Mercury gives slightly mixed influences.

Journeys, inaugurations undertakings and other important activities should be started in the Hora of natural benefics.

There are activities which are well done in the Hora of Mars, Saturn and Sun–for example–administrative and official activities in the Hora of Sun and physical exertion and adventures in Mars’ Hora. 

Mercury Hora is most conducive for reading scriptures, commercial activities, Astrology, learning, reading as well as writing.

Moon Hora is important for respecting elders, meditation and chanting etc.

Jupiter Hora is most auspicious Hora.

Saturn is good for labour, for getting things done and not for anything else. It’s a separative Hora.

If you continue to calculate Horas for Wednesday, for all 24 hours, you would come to realize that the first hour of the next day, i. e. Sunrise hour for Thursday will be ruled by the planet Jupiter.

I advise intuitive readers to think about nature of planets. Thus contemplating on nature of energies available in various hours of day, learned readers would be able to decide most auspicious Horas for desired activities.

For example: Expressing love and romancing are soft and sensitive activities best done in the Horas of Venus and Moon because Venus signifies beauty and love and Moon signifies sensitivity and feelings.   

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    1. Yes, I do remember seeing that beautiful article in August on your site. I know you learn Western astrology 🙂 Thanks for your interest and feedback 🙂

      Love and light ❤

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