The Blue Elephant!

It’s a 2014 egyptian psychological mystery film. It has a dazzling array of dream and trance sequences. The performances and cinematography are top-notch. The script in itself is not very original but the right amount of twists and great character development keep you hooked till the end.

There is a psychiatrist who is a drunkard and has been out of medical practice for five years on excuse of doing research. He lost his family in a car accident and doesn’t want to work. Circumstances force him to work on a case in which patient is his old friend. As he starts investigating the case many things which were buried deep inside him and inside the patient start surfacing. Then comes into play The Blue Elephant. The line between reality and fantasy start getting blurred afterwards for the doctor and he finds himself in darkness. What happens afterwards? You should watch this film to find out. If you like mystery and psychological thrillers, this film is for you.


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