My First Day At School!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”


Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

I was fairly grown up when I went to school for the first time. I had already passed standard 3rd because my parents used to be teachers in a village primary government school and I kept learning with other students. When they took me to admit in a convent school they expected me to get enrolled into grade 4th.


I still remember that day. I woke up by sunrise and saw large pale Sun from the window. I took bath and wore casual dress and walked with my father and an uncle who used to live as a tenant in our house. As was my habit I bumped in a stone while walking and fell and then they helped clear dust off my clothes. Since school was merely a few hundred meters from our house, we reached there in a few minutes.

A sister(nun in a convent is called so!) took my interview and I thought I answered all questions well, but they ended up giving me admission into grade 2nd, perhaps because I was 7 years old and not a Mozart or a Leibniz! I kept regretting that afterwards for sometime, till I was grown-up in a real sense because my overly ambitious father also wanted me to graduate very fast and he wanted me to shoot directly into the sky like a star.


Then came my first day of school. I was 7 years old and yet such a sissy. I am an escapist and very sensitive but I didn’t know that at that time. I was totally relying on son of my tenant. He has been studying in that school for a few years now, so even when he was younger to me, he was my Mr. Reliable! When I went to school he accompanied me. I was not losing hold of him–strange kids–he took me to my class. There were some kids playing–a kid was so fair skinned he looked like an english kid. What was happening to me? They felt so blithe and joyous–maybe classes started a few days ago? No, actually they knew each other since they have been studying in this school together since kindergarten and I was a stranger in the city! I felt bullied!


Frantic, I moved out of class, looking for Mr. Dependable who was not to be found anywhere! He might be playing jumping jack in the fields or eating from the lunch-box before time. I started crying. But crying won’t help–this was a strange place and aliens could have attacked me anytime–so run! How? The security guard at the main gate who was going to be the security guard for next 30 years didn’t let me go. I found a gaping hole in their security and took the back side–I slid easily down the barbed wire and ran towards home to save my life!

My uncle was sitting there and my mom was still in home. She was soon going to leave for work but I told her I was not going to that alien place. She along with my uncle persuaded me to go back. Uncle gave me a 2 rupees note which was a huge sum of money for a 7-year-old at that time and that did the trick! No, that wasn’t it. I was also scared of dogs on the way and teachers who must scold me since I was late. Daughter of our tenant, the elder sister of Mr. Reliable came to my rescue. Was she bunking the school that day? I can’t recall. She took me back, holding my hand in her hand and it was already the second lecture. I was super-scared because there was a very difficult the teacher and I was so late. She said something to teacher and I was allowed to sit. I don’t remember what happened afterwards. It must have been boring!


14 thoughts on “My First Day At School!

  1. Thank you for sharing a part of your life. Children experience so many things in their young life and a great deal of it is unknown to the parents. Their fears are often unspoken and even the things they think about and try to understand are not all revealed until later in life.

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  2. What a reminiscence… You brought back my memories. I hated school although I started when I was barely three…. i am even scared to go to my son’s school. Like Wordsworth I believe that institutions do more harm than good to kids… But still I am taking the path travelled.

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