The Save 5000 Experiment!

Ugh! Why did they invent plastic bags in the first place? Aren’t we like two steps forward and then 5 steps backward in everything we do as humanity?

This post by my friend Rashmi shows her commitment to follow through the noble plan of saving mother earth by reducing the use of plastic bags. It shows how even a single person can do their bit and I was touched by her repeated attempts to correct her mistakes. Her son is also so enthusiastic about such good initiatives–goes to show that kids might really do better than us once they feel enthusiasm for something good! Rashmi started doing this after taking inspiration from another fellow blogger friend. I feel if you spread the word and awareness we can make a great difference. Thank you very much Rashmi–you can lead by your example 🙂

LOve and light ❤

Anand 🙂

Mind and Life Matters

Source Pixabay Source Pixabay

A few weeks back, T from Thistles and Whistles wrote an Open Letter to Plastics talking about this very important ecological issue. Her post was well received and that encouraged her to start a campaign she called SAVE 5000! She called this, and I quote “an experiment to make a conscious decision to try and reduce the carbon footprint and SAVE 5000 plastic bags globally on 8th October 2015!” The broader aim, of course, was to make green living a conscious lifestyle choice.

The experiment requested those participating to say no to plastics on one day, October 8, 2015. To carry reusable bags throughout the day and to let her know at the end of the day how many bags we saved. I was honored to be one of the bloggers she chose to tag along for this experiment. Although the experiment said we had to use…

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